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Marriage Concept Essay

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ISLAM Marriage Concept in Malaysia 2014



Muslims today face many obstacles and challenges as well as attacks from the enemies thought the various outside, they also face the problem of ignorance of some Muslim individuals in mastering the knowledge of Islam. Among their ignorance in understanding the laws pertaining to the family institution in Islam such as marriage, divorce and its consequences. Rising divorce as reported by the religious authorities and the increasing violence of the crisis, in addition to cases of spousal abuse and child are endless, enough concern us today. The collapse of the family is the cause of this phenomenon is believed to trigger. This ...view middle of the document...

But non-Muslim marriage patterns are more volatile. However, the number of non-Muslim divorces, record the rate slightly higher than the 3,291 divorces in 2004, up by 2.7 times to 9,020 cases in 2012. A total of 57 530 non-Muslim couple married in 2004, it declined in the following year, after the the figure rose and fell as much as 65 993 marriages were registered in 2012. Department of Statistics, however, do not have a marriage or divorce rates for each population.

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ISLAM Marriage Concept in Malaysia 2014
In every household institution, every married couple should realize that each has its own right. In Islam, every husband must treat his wife well and every wife must also obey and serve her husband with the best. Islam is perfect, all laws and regulations that are not only in favor of men, but also to his wife and all parties. Islam has set the husband is responsible for leading his family and fulfill the rights of his wife and ordered that they be kind to their wives according to what is taught by the Prophet. Therefore, when the rights of the wife is not satisfied with good by the husband when he realized and can exercise those rights, then he has disobeyed Allah and His Messenger, even betrays her. Generally, our society today is rarely appreciate this in accordance with the laws of even more inclined to follow tradition in society. Procedure living in the household is derived from a traditional practice or experience gained from the family without referring to the provisions of Allah and His Messenger, when what is learned from society and family is most likely much lower than Allah and His Messenger, so often the husband does violation of the rights of the wife and thought it was the norm in society. In the position of a wife, a lot of practice community and family experience adverse to the rights of the wife of one they are unable to defend themselves because of the culture of the society put his wife in a weak position. Thus, to grant the rights to his wife and put them as servants of God as equal to men in performing the duties of the ruler, Islam has laid down the rights of the wife must be adhered to by the husband. In this situation, the wives of religious literacy should know and understand their rights in order to detect behavioral husband categorized as violations of the rights of his wife and thus also able to defend himself in front of either the husband or the syariah court.

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ISLAM Marriage Concept in Malaysia 2014
2) The concept of marriage in Islam

a) Marriage Marriage is a religious bond to require interaction between a man and a woman is allowed through marriage. Before marriage performed, there are two other things to do, ie matchmaking and engagement. Islam gives some guidance in regards to matchmaking. In a hadith related to matchmaking, the Prophet said:

Which means: A woman is married for four things; her wealth, for her lineage, her beauty and because of his religion. So choose a...

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