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Marriage And Family Essay

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Breanna Westbrooks
Ms. H
Marriage & Family paper
24 February 14

Marriage and Family

Once said by Winston Churchill, “There is no doubt that it is around the family and home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened, and maintained.” Marriage is a socially recognized union between two people, which may pave the way to starting ones family. Usually, when one thinks of the definition of family, the picture of a mother, father, and children come to mind. Yet, as a society if we were asked what family means to us there would be different definitions for most people. With that being said, before you can begin a family ...view middle of the document...

According to Readers Digest, there are “Seven Stages of Marriage.” The first stage, commonly known as the “Honeymoon” stage, is when the romance and intimacy is at its strongest point in the marriage. This stage normally is the first two years of marriage, which can vary depending on the couple. This time may also be the establishment of trust, respect and emotional intimacy that will act as a foundation for the marriage. As always, most good things come to an end and the next stage is that of realization. At this point, a more realistic vision of the rest of your life begins. This marks the time of really seeing one another’s true colors.
Even as adults, we tend to have a little rebel still left in us that may come out during the marriage. This is the stage of rebellion. During this time in the marriage, the self-interest often overtakes the interest and main objective of being married. As much as couples would love to skip this phase, some things just have to be put to the test; so he leaving the sit up in the bathroom or her taking hours to get ready to go out is all things that can lead to those petty little fights. The key to getting through such a time, each person has to keep in mind which battles to pick and not let those words that are said out of anger get in the way of a happy marriage. After all what marriage wouldn’t have arguments and disagreements. Those are the things that help the marriage become stronger, by learning what makes each other mad or presses their limit.
Cooperation plays a big part in a marriage, being the fourth stage. As careers grow, moving into a new home, personal commitments are made, and you begin to start a family, marriage can take on a “business like relationship.” You begin to figure out who does what and when, making important decisions together and doing things that are typical for a married couple at this point and time. This stage can last between ten to twenty years, normally the time of which you are taking care of the children. Being married and a family is a great thing, but can also be time consuming where the family is first and then the marriage. No need to worry, the married life and focus on one another will soon be resumed.
This time is known as the reunion stage of marriage. This is the time to be able to appreciate each other again, not as mom and dad, but as lover and friend. Not all couples experience this stage, simply because they may have never lost sight of keeping up their marriage as well as taking care of the family and naturally have a happy relationship. But for the ones that may need some rekindling, use this time to focus on each other’s wants, needs, and desires. Take out the time to take a trip somewhere romantic, or set aside one day out the week for a date night. This can be a great way to get back in tune with each other just as things were in the beginning as a couple, almost in a way of...

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