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Marketingplan Essay

575 words - 3 pages

Video Baby Monitor with Bluetooth

Cody Snodgrass
Keller School of Management
Marketing Management

Professor:  Harold Leffall


Situation Analysis:
Since this type of monitor already exists trying to persuade people to buy this one instead of the competitions. The macro-environmental factors that are going to exist are figuring out the age group that would be the target for this device? Legal issues do not seem to be a problem. However some say this could invade privacy! Technologically speaking this would appeal to many people that have babies to young children.
Market Summary:
With technology gaining rapid interest many people will want to incorporate it into their baby’s lives. The market for growing technology has increased and so far will continue to years to come. As long as the product lives up to its name then ...view middle of the document...

Opportunities include being able to take advantage of a growing market with vast amounts of money and room for growth.
Threats that could occur are inferior technology because of lack of capitol. Also other companies coming out with this technology before we do could make it look like we are copying and or inferior. By using better parts the price could be higher than competition and therefore narrow the market until our name is associated with quality.

* Motorola
* V-Tech
* Phillips
* Summer
* Safety 1st
* Angel-Care

Product (Service) Offering:
This product allows parents to view and listen to their baby or infant. It satisfies piece of mind to parents since they can download a program to link the feed to their cell phone or tablet. Being able to watch their offspring will allow people to relax knowing that they are safe and sound. By taking advantage of technology through Bluetooth or other wireless connections people can watch their baby through a live video feed. Pairing with their cell phone or tablet through a free downloadable program will allow them to utilize almost any portable electronic device.

Keys to Success:
Utilizing a growing technological market by offering a superior product that goes beyond customer’s expectations will be the first key to success! Second is market this product to the proper social class and age group that will want a great product at a great price. Last is ensuring that the customers are aware of the technology that is used in this product and that it will not outdate in a short period of time.

Critical Issues
Ensuring that competitors are behind the curve and this product is ahead of it. Also targeting the correct group of customers could be a huge problem if the right advertising is not used. Finally making sure that the customers that do buy the product knows what a quality product they just bought and use their satisfaction to gain more customers and support of the product.

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