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Marketing Violence To Youth Essay

2388 words - 10 pages

Marketing violence to youth


Table of Contents

I. Introduction--------------------------------------- 3
II. Violent Movies----------------------------------- 4
III. Brutal Television--------------------------------- 5-6
IV. Vicious Video Games--------------------------- 7-8
V. Sadistic Music------------------------------------ 8-9
VI. Intense Internet----------------------------------- 9-10
VII. Conclusion---------------------------------------- 10
VIII. References---------------------------------------- 11


In the 21st century, youth seem to be overwhelmed by mass media. Everywhere that youth turn, ...view middle of the document...

All of this, plus the merger, means access to more than 24 million internet subscribers. This $165 billion mega merger is one of many examples of corporate synergy and partnership. (Strasburger, Wilson, Jordan,
2008, p. 5). This type of merger is sure to help create an increasing numbness to violence in youth.

Youth are a perfect target market to promote and market violence. Digital technology has the ability to alter the nature of the media experience. Images and sounds are more realistic than ever, blurring the distinction between real-world and media-created events. Today, movies such as “Wanted”, “The Departed”, and the “Kill Bill” series, are rated R (restricted for anyone under 17 unless accompanied with an adult or guardian), but are marketed towards younger viewers. These viewers don’t see these movies as being violent and negative, but rather “cool” and “heroic”.
The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) controls distribution of movies, works to combat illegal copying of films, and to administer film ratings. The criteria for rating movies has become less stringent over the last decade and movies with the same rating can differ significantly in the amount of violence, sex, profanity, and other content.(Thompson, Yokota, 2004). There is also the problem of enforcing the ratings system. Half of the movie theatre operators surveyed confessed that they admit teens younger than 17 to R-rated movies without an accompanying parent or guardian. Also, ninety-percent of rated R movies are advertised on websites where one third or more of the audience is under the age of 17. As young audiences are allowed to view R- rated movies, they are constantly bombarded with toys, clothing, and other products associated with the movie, thus furthering the effective marketing violence to youth.

Media Violence Facts and Statistics (2008) reported that one of the largest ways that violence is marketed to youth is through television. The Television Violence Monitoring Project examined the amount of violence on American television for three consecutive years, as well as contextual variables that may make it more likely for aggression and violence to be accepted, learned, and imitated. They found:
• 61 percent of television programs contain some violence, and only 4 percent of television programs with violent content feature an "antiviolence" theme.
• 44 percent of the violent interactions on television involve perpetrators who have some attractive qualities worthy of emulation.
• 43 percent of violent scenes involve humor either directed at the violence or used by characters involved with violence.
• Nearly 75 percent of violent scenes on television feature no immediate punishment for or condemnation of violence.
• 40 percent of programs feature "bad" characters that are rarely punished for their aggressive actions....

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