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Marketing Tools And Customer Service Evaluation

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IntroductionA critical element of an organization's web site is how well it implements the tools of marketing. Some of the fundamental elements that are considered in the development of the web page include; an assessment of the organization's needs, good research of the audience, site development to reflect the character and reputation of the organization, ensuring an adequate level of animation, programming and multimedia, and most important ensuring the site is hosted on a reliable high speed connection, and use a dependable server and backup. The use of banners, shopping cart simplification and continuous adaptation to consumer desires for particular products or services are all ...view middle of the document...

They have also added a feature where a customer can make an online wish list for family and friends to look at when shopping, as well as a link to track any purchase made. These added features are a great marketing tool to be able to cater to all aspects of customers shopping experience and needs.Their marketing goes even further by having ads for e-mail sign ups for discounts and information. This will let the customer know when certain sales are going on. This is a great benefit for customers that do not shop the site a lot. They even use American Eagle credit cards as a way to market their product. If you sign up for their credit card, there is a certain percentage off your first purchase. Many consumers take advantage of these added offers. Marketing can be seen in many different capacities on their website.Customer service is another feature on their website. It is listed under the help link in small writing at the bottom of the screen. This would be one aspect that should be re-evaluated for better notice. Once on the help page, it lists just about any topic a customer may have a question about. The phone number to customer service is listed, but the area notating an e-mail address, does not list one. If an e-mail address is not going to be listed then this section should be deleted from the site. This could confuse or irritate some customers. The help topics cover ordering, tracking purchases, size charts, credit information, e-mail information, coupons, shipping and handling and many other topics. This help menu is a great tool for any customer that would have questions. It may answer the customer's questions without having to call the customer service number and possibly be put on hold.Pyramid CollectionThe main source of marketing for pyramid collection is the internet. However, they do also use catalogs and word of mouth to advertise their goods as well. For the customer service part they have a phone number on the catalog for orders and questions about orders and the internet also has a number, however, they also have a customer service icon which can be used to access many different options from checking order status, finding your size, their privacy guarantee, and of course contacting them if there is a question that is not listed.Pyramid...

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