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Marketing To The Bottem Of The Pyramid

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Mayo Clinic is well known for treating international leaders (e.g., the president of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Cateora, Gilly, and Graham 640)). Mayo clinic provided care to international patients for nearly a hundred years. It was founded one hundred years ago by a family of physicians named “Mayo.” The Mayo family created an international legacy. They traveled the world to compare notes and surgical approaches and returned with international patients. Mayo Clinic has used word-of-mouth marketing to maintain its global reputation. Its marketing department has existed for only the last fifteen years. Mayo Clinic’s locations are in three metropolitan areas: Rochester, ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, periodic satisfaction studies are executed among the international patients.
Mayo clinic also gathered primary data through qualitative and quantitative research approaching international patients, physicians, and Mayo clinic coverage policy holders. It used focus groups in six different cities worldwide which included non-patients and Mayo’s international patients to study their health care decisions, which were found to be impacted by various health insurance policies. The marketing department also concentrated heavily on Latin America and the Middle East where it conducted surveys through questioners. In addition to mail surveys, 400 face-to-face interviews and 353 interviews over the phone were given to policy holders who had Mayo clinic coverage. Face-to-face interviews focused on finding out information regarding demographics, preferences, and healthcare behavior as well as Mayo brand awareness and importance of Mayo Clinic coverage as a benefit of their policy. Meanwhile phone surveys simply concentrated on finding out about Mayo brand awareness and its questions were structured in two different manners; first, interviewees were asked if they heard of Mayo clinic, then, a different group was asked to name the best U.S. medical centers. Results for differently structured questions varied substantially.
Primary data were obtained within a limited market sample. The sample population was geographically limited to only Middle East and Latin America. Moreover the sample was drawn only from people that purchased the insurance that offered Mayo Clinic coverage. Such sample may or may not coincide with potential target market.
Research conducted using survey questions was based on an assumption that policy holders were aware of the Mayo Clinic. Many of the survey questions were structured in a biased and a leading manner about the policy and its benefits. Therefore results generated from the research may not be accurate due to unawareness among the majority surveyed.
Mayo Clinic does not have enough brand awareness and needs to increase it. In order to do so more marketing research needs to be conducted that will reflect the target market’s wants, needs, preferences, and behavioral patterns and other data that will help us to increase international market share.
Information is the key component in developing successful international marketing strategies for Mayo Clinic in various countries.
Mayo’s International Marketing Department should analyze available secondary information as a useful first step. Information required ranges from the general statistical data to understand target market’s preferences in the healthcare industry to specific market information about media and other efficient means of delivering information to the target market for decisions about promotion.
Mayo clinic department first needs to determine what its target market should be. Considering the level...

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