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Marketing Strategy Of Various Telecommunication Service Provider

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|[pic] |FI 1: Display Chart of Accounts |
|Exercise Display a chart of accounts. Time 10 min |
|Task Use the SAP Easy Access Menu to review a listing of the General Ledger (G/L) accounts that are part of your chart of accounts. For each |
|G/L account, the chart of accounts contains the account number, the account name, and additional technical information. |
|Name (Position) Shuyuan Chen (Chief Accountant) ...view middle of the document...

| |
|Group chart of accounts - This is structured in accordance with requirements pertaining to consolidated | |
|financial statements. | |
| |Other possible charts of |
| |accounts |
|In order to display a chart of accounts, follow the SAP Easy Access menu path: | |
|Accounting ► Financial Accounting► General Ledger ► Information System ► General Ledger Reports (New) ► Master|Menu path |
|Data ► Chart of Accounts | |
| | |
|In the Chart of accounts field, use the F4 key to find and select the global GBI chart of accounts (GL00) and | |
|enter 1 for Charts of accts not assigned. |GL00 |
| |1 |
|[pic] | |
|Then, click on [pic] (Execute). | |
|Record information on your chart of accounts in the table below: | |
|G/L Account Number | |
|G/L Account Name | |
| | |
|100000 | |
|  | |
| ...

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