Marketing Strategy For Garage Door Company

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A garage door company is committed in satisfying the needs of customers by providing a variety of quality products. The main objective of a garage door company is to change the perception of garage doors and improve the quality of life. A company should be able to turn its competitive products into profits. A garage company should fuse its marketing strategies with the competitive products in order to develop a competitive advantage in the market. The relevant set of competitive products for a garage company includes; residential garage doors, commercial sectional doors, garage door openers and mini storage doors. A garage door company usually has a set of determinant attributes that define the product space in which positions of current offerings are located. Differentiating goods along specific features and details is a very important marketing strategy for a garage door company in defending its price from going down the price spectrum. One of ...view middle of the document...

(Piana. V, 2003). The information that I collected from a sample of customers about their perception of each garage product on the determinant attributes is as follows; some customers were excited about the introduction of a variety of mini storage doors. Although the determinant attributes of many garage door products are price and quality, these customers were more concerned about the quality of garage door products and not the price. Majority of the customers admitted many garage door companies produced residential garage doors of good quality and are affordable. Customers who own commercial premises marketing of commercial sectional doors has enabled them to obtain a good product for their businesses but the prices should be moderated. The customers agreed that garage door openers are readily available in the market and they believe that the determinant attribute for garage door openers is price. The customers said that the price of garage door openers is very high while in most cases the quality of this product is not so good. From the information I obtained from the customers, the customers’ most preferred combination of determinant attributes is a combination of good quality products with average prices. If the garage door company deals with residential garage doors, they should manufacture their products with readily available materials and price them accordingly but if the coat of production is high and the final product is of good quality, then, customers do not mind paying high prices for quality products. Garage companies have tried to market their products and place their products in a better position in the product space. Trying to position your product in the product space, the strategy has to be to create an image of the product in the minds of the market which is targeted. Garage products are placed at a good position in the market because many customers seem satisfied with the products.
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