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Marketing Strategies Essay

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Marketing Strategies
May 02, 2010

Deciding what store or venue one should write on, one decided that having some knowledge of the Marketing strategies where one works would be the best. Meijer’s has taken control of the grocery stores here in Michigan. Kroger’s stores is the only real competition that Meijer’s competes against, there is also Wal-Mart’s but they have few and far between locations. Marketing has been around from the start, the difference now from then, is the way information is received or given.
Marketing Strategies

Understanding marketing strategies, one needs to understand the history behind the operation of the venue. One decided since ...view middle of the document...

Other ways of marketing, Meijer’s has painted there trucks with the Meijer’s logo, when customer’s check out, may receive coupons for their next shopping trip, giving great customer service and hoping the customer will let others know this.

Understanding, how Meijer’s became as big as they are and how the marketing concept has changed over the years, let’s get a brief history on how Meijer’s started. Meijer’s grocery stores have been around for over 75 years, once known as Meijer’s Thrifty Acres. Hank Meijer opened a store front store, in front of his barber shop, when he could not find any one to rent out the store front, in 1934, offering fruits and vegetables and a few other items. Competing with other grocers in the area, would try and make the best possible deal to keep pricing lower. Most stores had a stamp program at the time offering incentives to buy from that store. Fred Meijer’s cancelled the program after he could not get the venders to agree on pricing, other stores soon ended the program. Meijer also had deli and meat counters, so one did not need to go to another store. From 1960 to 1980, Meijer’s started the concept of one stop shopping, offering not only grocery items, but gardening, pharmacy, and furniture. Expanding to sell others items as well, adding gas stations where cities allowed it and selling of liquor. In 1988, they decided to be a twenty-four hour operation, by this time they had eighty-eight stores in operations, most of them in Michigan and Ohio, and expanding 1998 to Kentucky, Indiana in...

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