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Project on Fitness Studios

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2. A)Introduction Page(5,6)
B) After World War 2 page(6,7,8)
3. The Birth of American Health page(9,10)
4. Marketing (page 10,11,)
(a) Television Viewing
5. Interviews (Page 11, 12, 13)
(A)Face to Face Interviews
(B)Household Interviews

6. Final Survey (Page 14)
7. Results of the Survey (Page 15, 16, 17, 18)
8. Negative Feedback (Page 19)
9. Customer Satisfaction (Page 20)
10. Unique Fitness Clubs (page 21)
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However, popularity of health clubs is recent phenomenon.

If we have to talk about rise of the modern health clubs then we have to go America in the mid 20th century. As so much can be learn from the past because right now the Fitness Industry has been hit very hard by the recession. And recent increase in Unemployment has not been helpful either. The mid 19th century saw the rise of industrialism and explosion of people immigrating to cities for work and money. As we all know that in cities, especially when you work in industries and offices one doesn’t get to do lot of physical work and opportunity to do exercise is very less. To combat the effects of desk work men began pursuing health and exercise.

First Gymnasium was opened by a former vaudevillian strongman, Hippolyte Triat. Apparently because of rising interest in exercise. The Gymnase triat is significant because it was among the first clubs to charge for membership; the gym had different rates for men, women and children. Ranging from 31 francs per month to 400 francs per year.
While triat was popularizing exercise in Paris, physical activity gained supporters in England. Sir George Williams created YMCA in London in 1841 as an attempt to substitute life on streets with Bible study and prayer”. When Muscular christanity began in England in the 1850s, YMCAs became a leading champion of the movement. According to Muscular Christanity, good chrstians exercised to keep the body healthy. By the 1860s, physical recreation was included in the curriculum of all YMCAs.

Before the proliferation of YMCAs, George Barker Windship preached throughout th United States on the virtue of weightlifting. At the age of 16, he entered into Haravrd, Windship was next to smallest in the class. In an attempt to defend himself from bullies, windship turned to gymnastics and weight training. Within a few years, he had developed his body enough to intimidate his intimidators. After graduating from Harvard Medical School, Winship began touring, lecturing on rules of health and special benefits of systematic weight training.

Buck, Josh (1999-120-01)  "The Evolution of Health Clubs"  Club Industry. ClubIndustry.

Sports Historian consider Windship the impetus for boom in American weight training, which is said to have begun on june 9, 1859, with his first successful lecture. However, when Windship died from stroke at age 42, opponents of weight training blamed exercise. Americans lost interest in weight lifting-but for only a short time. The strongmen performing in vaudeville rekindled American interest in strength and performers like Eugen Sandow opened clubs devoted to physical culture after retiring from the stage. Professor Louis Attila was also a famous performer turned entrepreneur. His gym in New York City was Mecca for weight lifters, and many influential people exercised there.

The war caused many other gyms to close as well. However, it also increased interest in weight...

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