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Marketing Research Leisure Travel Essay

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Our team was a given a task to research college students on leisure travel focusing on price. Throughout our project we collected data using qualitative, quantitative, and secondary data. For the qualitative research part we conducted a focus group where we witnessed an interaction between five college students on their opinions on cost for leisure travel. Following the focus group we constructed a survey for our quantitative portion of our research. We input our findings from the surveys in a statistical software program to help us interpret the commonalities and differences of the individuals that were surveyed.
In conducting the focus group we collected data from five individuals, four ...view middle of the document...

Knowing your stay, travel, and food will most likely be paid for when traveling with family can play a big role in your decision to leisure travel. Traveling on less popular dates was discussed to lower the cost. For example traveling to Vegas during the week rather than the weekend to save money allowing you to spend more on activities was on the idea for people with a smaller budget. During our qualitative research we found that not only price was a factor, but location, family, friends and the time of year also influenced how college students made decisions on leisure travel.
We conducted a quantitative research by surveying thirty college students using sixteen different questions to evaluate their preference on price in regards to traveling. We surveyed students at random and found that we had fifteen males and fifteen females. Our purpose was not to have half females and half males; it just turned out that way. We assume most students between the ages of 21-30 are more independent which means they may have a higher tendency to travel. The majority of students were white and Latino, most of them being seniors. We took into account college students’ household income as well. 50% of the students reported a household income of $40,000 or less.
Using the computer software, SPSS, we were able to enter our data and convert it into statistical information that is easily readable and understandable. We compared gender of the people surveyed and the amount they spend on traveling compared to other students. Over 50% of males feel they compare to students in the average to below average range, while just fewer than 50% of females felt the same way. Only 33% of males and 26% of females felt they spent above the average range compared to other college students. Based on the SPSS Chi-Square Test, we were given an insignificant value of 0.329.
Our second SPSS evaluation was based on the Cross-Tabulation. This displays the comparison between ages and if budget was a factor when planning a trip. Our results concluded that 90% of the students agreed or highly agreed that budget is a factor. Of the surveyed people that agreed or highly agreed, 33.3% of them ranged between the ages of 16-20, 63% ranging between 21-30. The Chi-Square test findings showed an insignificant value of 0.527.
In our third Cross Tabulation, we compared ethnic background to the amount you spend on traveling compared to the other students. A total of seven students fell into the above average to other college students. Our results turned out that the groups that spend the most are Caucasian and Latinos. But overall 70% of the combined ethnic group spent an average to the least amount compared to the other students. The Chi-Square revealed an insignificant level of 0.510.
In another Cross Tabulation, we compared students college standing and college budget on travel compared to other college students. The current status in college displayed that freshmen...

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