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Marketing Research And Communications Essay

3708 words - 15 pages

Marketing Research and Communications 2

Table of Contents
Company Background 3
Introduction 4
Communication Objectives 5
M&S Christmas campaign into SMART terms: 5
Identify target audiences 6
Communications Mix 7
Communications tools 8
Evaluation of effectiveness 11
Marketing Research Techniques 12
Conclusion 14
Reference List: 15
Appendix 16

Company Background
Marks and Spencer is one of the biggest public trading company in the world. In the last 129 years, M&S has been transformed from a single market stall to a successful international multi-retailer. Their business is now spread in more than 50 countries and employs almost 82,000 people. M&S ...view middle of the document...

In this report we are going to evaluate what kind of tools have used to communicate messages to the organisation’s customers and stakeholders. Also, evaluate the effectiveness of this promotional campaign by discussing which marketing research techniques have been used.

* Please Read Appendix 2 for full description for the advert story
Communication Objectives
Marketing communications is how the businesses stays in touch with and convey important information about the business to the customers. In the case of M&S, we can divide it into Direct and Indirect objectives;
* Direct Objectives are usually included direct marketing and sales promotion. M&S want to generate a high-level of sales volume during Christmas period. Which may lead to higher rates of customer acquisition and customer retention before and after Christmas.
* Indirect Objectives are usually non-behavioral, for example advertising. Increasing brand awareness and influencing the potential customer’s attitude towards a product of M&S.
M&S Christmas campaign into SMART terms:
SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Specific.
Specific Goals must be well defined. M&S just announced their ninth consecutive quarter of falling sales. Therefore, it is important for the Christmas advertising campaign to shore things up for them. Furthermore, connect with customer behavior by increasing M&S brand equity into customer’s mind.
Measurable is how will you know when you reach your goal? To determine is this goal measurable, you need to be able to answer how much and how many? How will the company know when it is accomplished? Compare to 2012, Marks and Spencer were aiming to attract more customers to visit their store by this campaign. Which may lead to 5-8% sales volume up this year.
Achievable is even the specific goal is challenging, but always still possible to achieved. When M&S identify their goals, they may figure out different ways can make it come true by setting up steps wisely. By showing different types of product inside the advertisement, M&S may result higher awareness and equity from the customer and stakeholders.
M&S’s goal must be realistic because a goal must represent an objective towards which may lead them to work. M&S want to create a fantasy inside the customer’s head. To make them believe when they are shopping in M&S, they will be like inside a fairytale, and they may find anything they want to purchase.
Time Specific:
A goal must be put into a time frame include starting date and target date. In this campaign obviously showing Christmas period, also may lead to the whole wintertime.
Identify target audiences
Every campaign should start with determining their target audience, who is a group of people is aimed by this campaign because it is vital step. Then, answer should be provided on the following...

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