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Marketing Report

3540 words - 15 pages

Table of contents

Executive Summary 2
Introduction: 2
Scope: 2
Purpose: 2
Methodology: 3
Limitations: 3
Assumptions: 3
Background: 3
Company and Location Overview 3
Competitor Overview 3
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With the band positioning, STA Travel defines the brand in the right position relative to both direct and indirect competitors. It helps a lot in the marketing strategy to identify the advantages and disadvantages. Finally, the product which is targeting to the young people who is under 26 has been defined. This report demonstrates the trust and belief of STA Travel which is making travels affordable for young people.
1. Purpose:
The purpose of this report is to searching new opportunities for STA Travel to expand the business. The changing environment and competitive market brings great challenges to the company. Therefore, new targeting area both demographic and geographic is significantly developed to help making increasingly market shares.
2. Scope:
This report is about a newly opened franchise of STA Travel to make goals of good business in Westfield Shopping Centre.
3. Methodology:
The methodologies that are used in this report are STA Travel Website, ABS, Household survey of Whittlesea, Roy Morgan Research.
4. Limitations:
Most of the information used in this report is secondary data. It is usually containing some unavoidable wrong mistakes that are probably caused by collecting the data or summarizing the data.
5. Assumptions:
The assumption is that all the data is correct. They do not have serious impact on the view of this report; all the information is correctly reflecting the decision and idea.
6. Background:
STA Travel is trying hard to find ways to expand their business and make new business segments. They build exclusive product range from the ground up in direct response to the needs and wants of travelers.
(2) Company and Location Overview
1. Competitor Overview
In recent years, the city of Melbourne has been expanding to the north. A new shopping centre in Whittlesea has been newly opened which creates a new opportunity for STA to open an agency. At the moment the closet store is located in Bundoora Shopping Centre which does not sufficiently care for people living in the northern suburb.
STA Travel has a large worldwide network of more than 450 branches, with more than 100 in Australia and New Zealand. More than 75 countries across 15 time zones have been operated. As in recent years STA has set up stores in university campus as well as shopping centers. Due to their positioning they have exclusive access to discounted student and youth fares. Discounts offered to students and young travelers can be as high as 40% off the published airfares and therefore, its strategy is to expand into areas where target market lives, works, studies, shops and plays (STA Website, 2008). STA has a great buying power with the world’s best airlines, land transport and accommodation suppliers.
Due to the fact that Westfield Shopping center in Whittlesea is recently finished constructing, there have not been any other travel agencies so far. This makes a positive situation for the business development of STA Travel...

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