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As our question is “Select three different shampoo products. Discuss the market segmentation and targeting of these products with reference to the pricing, packaging, and advertised selling points and themes. Explain the positioning strategies of each product”, we become marketers of Rejoice’s company (P&G). As we know that our company is facing three problems – decreasing profit, many new competitors appear in the existing market, and losing our market shares. So, we need to plan the strategies again to solve these problems and create customers equity.
According to the marketing process, understanding the marketplace (i.e. knowing the competitors’ status) and customers’ ...view middle of the document...

Our shampoo functions are aimed to moist hair and remove dandruff.
Differentiated marketing strategy
On the other hand, we decide to target several market segments which are suffering serious dandruff problem and designs separate offers for them. For instance, we added new ingredients in our shampoo to remove dandruff.
Evaluate market segment of Rejoice
Besides, there are three levels to evaluate market segment: segment size and growth, segment structural attractiveness and, company objectives and resources. First, in segment size and growth, we target on a small segment which have dandruff. There is a keen competition between all shampoo suppliers, such as, Sassoon and Asience. Also, in company objectives and resources, we have availability of resources because Rejoice belongs to P&G international Company, so that we have huge capital and resources to support us. We have long-term goal to make our product become more popular and occupy more market share to increase sales and profit.

Background information of Vidal Sassoon
Vidal Sassoon is one of product in P&G. Also Vidal Sassoon is an international brand. Our product is distributed all over the world. For example, China, Taiwan, Canada etc.
Market segmentation of Vidal Sassoon
Based on the TV commercial, we knew that the advertised theme is professional product for all kinds of hair quality. And the selling point is “VS color secure version gives you fresh vibrant color and moisturizing shine” . Furthermore, we can know that Vidal Sassoon have different target customer, she divide the total market into smaller segment. She uses various marketing segmentations to create value for target customers like the following segmentations.
Demographic segmentation
It divides the market into groups based on variable such as age, family size, family life cycle, income etc. In income aspect, we know that Hong Kong has many low-income consumers. So Vidal Sassoon provides many professionals product in a suitable price which can serve the low-income consumers.

Psychographic segmentation
It divides buyers into different group based on social class, lifestyle or personality traits.
Hong Kong people have different personality traits such as curl hair, hurtful hair, straight hair, etc. Therefore Vidal Sassoon focuses on the professional hair care which provide the best treatment to every people who wish have. And the red package is representing professional’s image to attract customer.
Behavioral segmentation
Third, they use benefit segmentation which is the variable of behavioral segmentation. Based on the advertisement, we can see that Color secure shampoo with special professional PPT glossy moisturizing ingredients can detect the hair damage automatically, efficiently, and provide moisturizing repair accordingly, makes hair 3D shine in every angle to attract others. It provides the superior benefit for the customers who have color hair problem.
Market Targeting of Vidal Sassoon

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