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World Wide Worker
Comprehensive Marketing Plan
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Executive Summary
The goal of this report is to conduct a marketing research and find out the deep-seated procedure of creating a marketing plan. This paper tries to focus on the marketing philosophy and objectives, a SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, STP analysis and also define the marketing mix used.
Corporate Overview
The company I selected to do this report on is World Wide Worker (WWW). They are one of the leaders in the job board industry, especially for oil and gas based markets. Started in 2000, the company went through all the challenges that comes with the market, global ...view middle of the document...

It is basically a search engine for finding the right candidate for a job. The selling point in the tool is the comprehensive filtering options and the vast pool of CVs that are available at the client’s disposal. WWW monetizes this product through a subscription model of $45,000. Another aspect of the website is the job posting part of it. Clients and companies can post jobs for the candidates that are registered in WWW. The company monetizes this tool too with different rates for the time the company needs the job listing to be up on the site.

For now the objectives of the company mainly lie in client acquisition and candidate acquisition since the bigger the database of companies and candidates they have the better and more reliable the site and database becomes. The company tries its best to deliver its best services and also the best candidates to the most accurate and relevant jobs. Marketing needs to allow the company to identify the best client and to address their needs first because no company will be able to satisfy everyone’s needs and so it is necessary to identify the biggest problems and manage its resources so that those are taken care of first.

Industry Analysis
The usage of the internet to connect companies with job seekers have been around since the mid-nineties which was seen as a revolution. And rightly so. As forecasts come up about the imminent fail of classifieds in newspapers, local job sites have started to turn up. Nowadays there are a lot of job websites and there are good ones which stand out more than most. For every job website, the main goal should be to provide the job seekers with the most varied database of companies and jobs and to provide the companies with the biggest database of the most diverse and competent candidates to choose from. This is how World Wide Web should stand out from the crowd. This will give them a significant boost and competitive advantage when it comes to quality and reliability.
However, this is where the problem comes in. Lots of jobs in many industries are not advertised properly and candidates find it hard to find these jobs and companies find it hard to acquire the right candidate for the role. Many companies rely on personal connections for the more executive roles and while this is a major tool in recruitment it does help to make the recruitment process easier to use other channels of communication like online job portals. The future of the online job board industry is quite bright right now and World Wide Worker can use it to its advantage.
Companies like LinkedIn have made forecasts about the industry and it is in fact looking good for online job boards as there will be a predicted growth in the total revenue and greater margin for profitability. A research conducted by Job board doctor shows that about 80% of the candidates using job board sites are optimistic about the job board industry. But LinkedIn itself can be quite a blow to World Wide Worker...

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