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Marketing Plan Of 4ps Essay

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I. Implementation of marketing mix (4P’s mix)

1) Product Level: The Customer Value Hierarchy
Core Benefit:
Club Med is an innovative all-inclusive holidays for traveler/family to relax and enjoys carefree getaway and unique experiences with their loved ones. Given travelers/ customers the environment of freedom and happiness, rejuvenate spirits and feel brand new once more.
Basic Product:
Club Med’s services:
When arrive in the airport, Club Med’s G.Os will be waiting there and had arrange the resort room for all the customers. With best services and guide the customers to take speedboat to the resort/island. There will be a warm welcome with the welcome drinks from ...view middle of the document...

By giving customer a premium all inclusive holiday and quality experience that allows customers to enjoy everything without having to worry about anything. Sports and leisure activities includes water sports (kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing), land sports (beach-volley, club med fitness, flying trapeze and circus activities, football or beach soccer, golf, walk or accompanied trips, cardio-training room, squash, tennis, archery, horse riding and bicycle), leisure (swimming pools, quiet area for adult, sea walkover and internet/ Wifi access) and spa massage. For the water sport, there will be an expert coaching snorkeling and scuba diving. For scuba diving, Club Med will provide a doctor to ensure customer well-being/health whether the customer are suitable for diving lesson.
Augmented product:
Club Med membership cards, on the first stay with Club Med, every customer automatically become a Turquoise Great Member, and giving the opportunity for customer move up to the Silver or Gold categories on the future visits. The benefits for the Silver Great Members are entitled to have 15% discount at the Club Med boutiques and 10% discount on the selected excursion (Seaplane, scuba diving course) enjoy scuba-diving inside the lagoons and in the open sea, where you can find a huge variety of coral and sea fans. You'll see sharks, groupers, manta rays, lion fish and moray eels. For the Gold Great Member are enjoy more exclusive services, personalized transfer services to premium or luxury resorts, priority check-in at the Resort, complimentary room upgrade and late check-out. The level of comfort about the luxury resort are giving private areas reserved for the suite guests with luxurious accommodation, premium sports, free Spa massage, “Table Gourmet” fine cuisine, champagne served by the glass and a luxurious all-inclusive experiences.

Potential Product:
For the future, Club Med can open a training center for water sports and land sports courses: scuba diving (let customers get their diving license), golf training lesson and etc. Club Med can publish a travel magazine, or book that let customer know different countries cultural, history and scenery. Club Med can extend their business into hold seminar that taught or discuss of “Team Building” and lend the outdoor scenery of the island or resort. Club Med also can cater the seminar with food and best services.

2) Product Mix (Length, Width & Depth)

According to the above diagram of Club Med’s product mix (length, width & depth), Club Med should cut less for the market development under ALPS, and added more island and resort under Asia category. By development the island or resort in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, because for the future economic, Asian will be the most have spending power and peoples for travelling. Thus, Club Med can meet different customer requirement and increase its market share and sales profit. Club Med is in the up-market stretch with...

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