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Marketing Plan Essay

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Marketing Plan
June 18, 2014

This paper will demonstrate a successful marketing plan for our product the one and only “Beats by Dre”. It will attempt to demonstrate the importance of a marketing plan and the need for one. Our promotional strategy for our headphones will include the following: advertising, public relations, digital marketing, sales promotion, direct marketing, event marketing, and outdoor. Also being discussed will be the effect professional selling may have on the offering, an initial budget for our plan, the methods that we use will measure the success of our plan, along with any ethical issues that our plan might have.

Marketing Plan
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We allow our employees to capture their thinking. We do not allow our financial people to keep the numbers trapped inside of their heads instead we have them put it on record. So with that being said our marketing documents is a layout or game plan and if when someone new comes and goes we will always have our information on our marketing plan intact to help remind us what the agreeable terms was in the beginning. In this marketing plan you will find that we have all the key components in place: advertising, public relations, digital marketing, sales promotion, direct marketing, and event marketing, and outdoor marketing.
Advertising is the communication relayed from Apple to our consumers or customers to purchase our product which happen to be “Beats by Dre”. We want to persuade them, convince them, and have them want that drive that they have to have these headphones or nothing else at all. The way that we successfully communicate is through paid media such as television, printed ads, commercials on radio channels and also billboards. On one of our television commercial ads we have a pro bowl cornerback from the Seattle Seahawks named “Richard Sherman” taking interviews from the media but instead he have on a pair of our famous “Beats by Dre” listening to I’m the Man a song by Aloe Bacc. In this advertising we are expressing to the consumers, with our headphones you can tune who and whatever you want out and basically “hear what you want”. We have billboards with pictures of legendary star rapper “Lil Wayne” with a red pair of “Beats by Dre” with the words dedicated written on the billboard as well. This is to let our target market or our consumers know that the product is always there for you to produce what you are spending your hard earned money for. We have printed magazines with famous and yet so beautiful model “Yana Mizty Divera” taking pictures with her $200 pair of “Beats by Dre’ and looking all so good with them on. This communicates that not only the jocks but the beautiful ladies can enjoy our product as well. The list of advertising goes on. We have a YouTube channel that will show the pleasure and excitement of our product by some very wealthy and popular individuals. The website is The person that is in charge of our advertising and marketing department is Richard Dunn. He is staffed with 200+ highly qualified consumer electronic employees to help get the job done.
Public Relations
Public relations are the ability to contact the public through media in the ability to influence the opinions of our product. This is a very significant part of Apples marketing strategy. Apple utilizes public relation very heavily with the marketing of “Beats by Dre”. Any chance we get to market our product to the media will engage in it. Social media we are there rather we take to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc… we will put our “Beats by Dre” on the map. In the news, on the radio, in...

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