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Marketing Plan
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October 2, 2012

Marketing Plan: Phase II

Subway is a growing business with the strength of motivating the world to healthy eating. So how do we identify the segmentation criteria that will affect their target market selection? To understand the effect on the segmentation criteria the key is to identify the target market of the business. In order for the market to achieve their goals, they must follow the step of researching the target market. Describe the ...view middle of the document...

According to Pizam, “this age group is heavy fast food user and eat quick meals (behavioral) and seek good-tasting options” (2005, P. 412). The subway sandwich chain has back the region as a healthy alternative to other fast food burger expense. A dedicated spokesperson for subway has dropped several pounds eating Subway sandwiches, and this is a great testimony of a healthy fast positioning. The subway shop strategy focused on reinforcing the original healthy, including low-fat. This chain has to face many fast food competitors such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Churches Chicken, who are adding healthier options to their menus. Market specialization is the targeting strategy used by Subway restaurant therefore Subway uses slogan "eat fresh" to focus on food quality.

Target Market

Subway wants to give the customer a stamp card to receive a free submarine sandwich of his or her choice. The card cannot be used with any other coupons or promotions. For the stamp card to be successful Subway has to determine the target market the organization wants to capture. A successful target market would be teenagers, college students, and athletes.
Teenagers want to look good, eat healthy, and enjoy eating delicious tasting food, especially if they can receive something free. Teenagers love to choose what they eat, and Subway gives them the opportunity create their own sandwich. Parents of the teenager would enjoy this promotion because their children began to eat healthier.
College students want to save the amount of money they spend because of books and tuition. Food expense for college students can become expensive. College students need to eat healthier because of the walking from classroom to classroom. Receiving a free submarine sandwich after the purchase of five would benefit a college student.
Athletes have to stay healthy and in shape for whatever sport he or she plays. Eating at Subway an athlete has a choice of breads, salads, meats, vegetables, and soups to choose from. Eating healthy becomes part of an athlete’s way of living to stay fit for the game. An athlete who eats at Subway will find that receiving a free healthy product will keep them in shape and live a healthier life.
Targeting teenagers, college students, and athletes with the stamp card can increase sells for Subway. Customers who buy at subway have the opportunity to tell a friend about the stamp card program, therefore, Subway can gain new customers.
Factors that Influence their Purchasing Decisions

Subway has a marketing program that addresses a healthy lifestyle along with fresh ingredients. Consumer’s expectations are to have custom made sandwiches done in front of him or her the way they like on fresh baked bread. The companies’ consumers have demonstrated a high response to subways level of service. This company has also gained high demand with health with health conscious customers and buyers who understand the need for...

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