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Marketing Past And Present Paper

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Advertising Past and Present PaperAdvertising Past and Present PaperA target market plays a critical part in the success or downfall and ineffective advertising can cause the loss of valuable resources and time. Advertising is considered as a nonpaid platform to communicate the target customers about the products and services (Hill, O'Sullivan & Hill, 2003). In today's market there are numerous tools and strategies that are implemented within the advertising field. Certainly over time advertising has taken on different forms and adapted considerably to the times. The advertising transformations have caused taste and preferences of target marketing to change their advertising patterns. ...view middle of the document...

Innovations have provided more advanced tools versus those that were available in the past. Due to these advanced the company's advertising strategy has made dramatic changes which one can see in their ads. Companies can no longer rely only nice-looking messages to lure consumers from their desired target groups for their product or service. Now companies must take into account various aspects and elements that have contributed to the major changes in advertising such as; Taste & Preferences: For an advertiser, taste & preferences of target market matter a lot in the success or failure of a developed advertisement. In past, the taste & preferences of target market were not as highlighted and visible for the marketers due to that their advertising strategies were not as influential. Now, due to changing scenario, taste and preferences of the target market has changed dramatically (Hill, O'Sullivan & Hill, 2003).Today's consumers are savvier and chose based on multiple factors and more apt to respond to ads communicated to them more effectively. In order to accomplish this feat the marketing mix has also taken a dramatic change and is therefore intricately worked into marketing advertisements. According to Arens and Weingold gone are the days when consumer behaviour was predictable due in part to lack of alternatives. Now a slight error in advertising strategy can cause companies millions in lost revenues (2008). It is crucial that in order to maintain consumers and their loyalty shifts in marketing tactics are constantly necessary.Changes in AdvertisingOne of the reasons consumers today are savvier is due to the vast amount of market knowledge available to them which allows for more informed and educated choices about the products or services they are looking to purchase. Companies now look to line up the advertisements with how consumers are more apt to make their decisions and adapt their marketing tactics to meet those needs.Another reason that has considerably affected the changes in advertising is competition which has increased greatly from then to now. Now that markets can very easily be reached globally the boundaries of competition have expanded as well. One strategy companies such as the Coca Cola Company use is counter attacking their product to rival competitors. For example, PepsiCo and Coca Cola are the two competitive beverage firms that use counter marketing to pose challenges. In past, the extent of completion was not as high as it is now in present scenario (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005).Due to rising and fiercer competition companies have altered their advertising agendas and patterns. The communications contents now used are aimed to engage the attention of the intended target market. For instance trending in marketing now frequently uses buy three get one free as well as offers and discounts of 20-30% or more in order to entice consumers to purchase their product or services. Using catchy slogans and...

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