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Marketing Paper

711 words - 3 pages

A Comparison of Ethical Theories
University of Phoenix
Pablo E. Domínguez Nieves
ETH / 316
Pedro Jose Rivera-Rivera
February 12, 2013

All of us have reasons for what we do, for the many decisions that shape how we interact with the world. These reasons are part of our worldview and in turn can be traced back to a theory of good, from these we will discuss: Virtue Theory, Deontological Theory and the Utilitarianism Theory. These three are the basic Ethical theories and will be described and then compared, giving similitudes and differences between them. I will also give an example and try to explain the relationship between values, virtue and moral concepts thru the lens of the ...view middle of the document...

The last theory to be described will be Utilitarianism. This viewpoint looks at how will the greater good for the group be achieved. It will give value to a decision on how it affects the overall group over how it will affect a part or unit of said group. These will sound familiar because it is part of the values instilled in our democratic society and is also part of the team player philosophy that we see in most aspects of today corporations. Team players are valued highly in that environment because they will base their decisions not on personal gain but on how can the whole be more highly benefitted.

Utilitarianism theory focuses on how will the largest numbers achieve the highest gain or pleasure. Thus it reminds us of how our democratic society is said to function. A school that will serve 5,000 average children will be given a higher level of priority than a school that will help 200 special needs students. But is this correct or not, what other attenuating or extenuating circumstances...

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