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Marketing Mixes For Two Different Segments In Consumer Markets?

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Marketing mixes for two different segments in consumer markets?
Marketing mix is an essential tool that can be used to market our products.

Sony Audio and visual system is one of the new innovations in the market and is in demand. But that is not enough as we need to be the market leader. It is important to place the product in the minds of our customers. Therefore we need to make it unique from the other products in the market. It is best that we concentrate on mainly on the youth and the house holds as market research has shown us that the most number of this product are bought by them.

At present our prices compared to the competitors are higher. Our Sales are coming down, as ...view middle of the document...

Therefore is it better to arrange an area to watch and experience the specialty of the product and leaver the customers to buy the product. for the iPods a listening area can be made with the latest kinds of music which will give them the experience. Once a customer purchases a product we can get there telephone number and email address and enter them to a special drawn. By doing so we also get customers to buy products and also we create a data base of the potential customers which we can use to market over other products.

It has come to my attention that the sales force needs to be more equipped with product knowledge which will improve the sales and attract more customers to buy the product. It is better to use mix of both females and males at the showrooms as there is always attraction towards the opposite sex.

Process - is the means of achieving the outcome. It shows how products or services go inorder to reach the particular person or destination. Process can be for ie how a person buys a iPod- he will go to the...

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