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Marketing Mix/ Smart Cut Barber Shop

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11 JULY 11


The business’s name will be SMART CUT BARBER SHOP. Its location is Columbus Georgia next to a school on a busy street.


Having completed my certification as a barber, 3 years ago, I have been operating a barber shop at home for the last 2 years. This has given me enough experience to work in the new environment. The new market demands a lot of manpower due to the fact that students have limited time and always come in groups. Thus, there is a need to hire two more ...view middle of the document...

Then they go home and take a |
| |bath, ready for school. This has made many students like the shop because it always saves their time. |
|2nd barber shop |Despite the high cost of electricity, they always try to minimize their profit margin by reducing the |
| |shaving price. They aim at attracting more and more customers. This has always worked well with them |
| |because most students look for the cheap services. |
|3rd barber shop |In this shop, the cost is relatively high than the rest of the barber shops around. This does not stop |
| |customers from going there because of the high-quality services they receive. In this barbers shop, there is|
| |a large TV screen which customers enjoy as the barber shaves them. Barbers in this shop use warm water to |
| |wash their customers’ head shortly after the shaving. |


I had to visit the shopping centre for three days keeping a close eye on the various practices the barbers in the three shops employed in their day to day activities. I had to wait at a strategic place near the barber shops, patiently waiting for a client from either of the shops. Luckily enough I managed to talk to eight of them on the quality of services they received from the shop. Each of them had a story to tell concerning the shop they had visited (Mercer, 1998). Two of the coworkers who were serving as barbers in this shops spared some of their time, and they gave more information on how they managed their clients.


Political factors

The surrounding has a strong administration, for their political leaders always visit the place holding rallies to address their political matters time after time. Political factors affect how and when the business runs (Munster, 2010).

Economic factors

The surrounding community is entirely made up of working class families. Most of the people earn good money thus a substantial pay for the expert services delivered despite the cost. This will help in boosting my business. (Wenderoth, 2009)

Social factors

The town is populated with a mixture of both Christians and Muslim. Both are not followers of traditional beliefs.

Legal or Governmental factors

The business license is a legal requirement by the state, and it ought to be followed. The positioning or zoning of the business has to conform to the local authority’s guidelines to avoid confrontations and even future demolitions (Young, 2008).


| Product |Present ...

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