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Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix
Marketing mix is extremely important in marketing strategy and is commonly referred to as the four P’s. The four P’s is not about the customer, but more about the product. Satisfaction of the target market is the key but the Four P’s deal with superior product development. The four P’s when developed properly within a marketing strategy will help satisfy the needs of customers in a specific target market and maximize the performance of the organization. In this paper this writer will examine the ...view middle of the document...

Consumers do not want to invest in something that takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to assemble or install. The target market might not be technologically advanced so one would not want to bury them in computer jargon. More questions have to be answered like warranty, packaging, and branding issues. Branding is a word concerned with the name or slogan of the new product line being rolled out.
Kwik Trip deals with all of these issues when brining product to the consumer. The target market is basically anyone who needs to buy food conveniently. Kwik Trip does go after target markets just like anyone else and has developed many brands along the way. One target market Kwik Trip has gone after recently is the health conscious market. Kwik Trip has developed a brand called “Better Bite.” Healthier snack trends forging appeal among c-store. These foods are also aimed at the health conscious eater and are grown without the use of pesticides.
Place is the part of the mix that deals with the channels in which the product will get to the consumer. Many issues have to be considered. One of these is how is the handling and storing of the product to be done. Does one need special refrigeration, what is the shelf life can the product is stacked upon? Another place issue is what store the product is going to be carried in. Is there a consumer need for this product? How are these channels going to be managed? Management takes time and money and sometimes a certain type of expertise so before this question is answered is very certain this is clearly defined. What type of market exposure will come into play? What banners will be put up, will there be special flyers or paintings of equipment. Will the company invest in a new uniform to support the new roll out? What kind of intermediaries will be involved? These issues have to be all worked out for several reasons. One huge issue that has to be considered is cost. Cost is built into the final price of the product and you have to know how much it will cost to get from point start to end.
Place is important to Kwik Trip as well. Kwik Trip carries several hundred items and goes through multiple vendors for like product. Kwik Trip has its own trucking fleet that allows them the flexibility to service their stores very rapidly. Kwik Trip has one distribution centers in a central location and is equipped to handle all the needs of the current product line (2012).
One issue that needs to be discussed under place is the segregation of certain products. This is a concern for Kwik Trip because there are many products that cannot be co-mingled. You cannot put meat and other products together, one cannot stack cold foods over certain products, and one cannot put powdered detergents with any of these. These concerns are real because Kwik Trip is inspected daily by government organizations like the USDA and DOA. These considerations should be a concern for any company that deals with...

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