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Marketing Manager Essay

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Marketing Manager
January 23, 2011

This paper will go over what was set for the homework. I will select three companies and look at what marketing opportunities would I suggest the company needs to look at to further advance the company.

There are many opportunities existing in today’s business marketing worlds. To take advantage of so many of these market opportunities. When we start looking , we need to look at the right area for investing our time and money to be productive in project a good image. The three companies I have selected are Chevron Lummus Global, Staples and Tiger2 Productions. Now let’s look at Chevron Lummus Global.
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(Encarta, 2009). Investment in online sales is low-hanging fruit for Tiger2 Productions. In this market opportunity for the company will require less effort for required results.
Home run is a financial term meaning an investment that produced a large return in a short period of time for its purchaser. (Encarta, 2009) Environmental friendly opportunities for Staple’s is a home run in developing a positive corporate image and attracting new customer’s.
In turn a Single is financial term meaning a market expansion through a single acquisition opportunity. It will assist in enhancing market area and customer base.
Sourcing is a the process of finding and procuring materials for products, services or other material needed to create, manufacture or deliver a solution for a product. To ensure the quickest turn around for delivery of essential material and parts it is important to understand where your source and how fast they can get you what you need. (Haines, 2009)
Product portfolio redevelopment would cause little risk if CLG does it right, but if they don’t invest in a good product they could have more problems in confused customers This might also influence an overall expansion strategy in online sales.
The environmental marketing opportunity has some risk. Resources and equipment requirements might influence overall strategy of the company in overall cost.
Investment in online marketing requires modern technology for advertising and sales. There may be a technological related risk present for this chance to advance company profits. (Hampton, 2009). If there is a general lack of understanding any new advances in e-commerce technology, it could sway any plan for investment in online sales from the company. So it is to the companies benefit to have a well-trained marketing team who knows how to construct interactive websites.
Investing in online sales is a strong market opportunity for Tiger2 Productions. By putting in place a knowledgeable marketing team they can build a more interactive website, and increase its productivity (Haines, 2008). Through the use of this technology the company can better support customers orders according to the demand of the customer and have...

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