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Marketing In A Global Economy Essay

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Marketing in a Global Economy Assignment

BUS 620 Managerial Marketing
Timothy Malone
December 23, 2013

Marketing in a Global Economy Assignment
Italy represents the height of the coffee culture, “the gold standard against which all others are measured” (Faris, 2012). For Italians, their coffee is a cultural symbol. If Starbucks is serious about venturing into Italy, then they have a lot of work to do in order to promote their brand. However, the longer they stay out of the Italian market, the harder it will be for Starbucks to break ground.
Global markets represent an opportunity for growth and development among many companies around the world. It “requires companies to ...view middle of the document...

Italian cafes are a source of pride and are firmly entrenched in the national psyche (Askin, 2013). Askin states, “Starbucks challenge will not be its ability to open and maintain branches world-wide, but to overturn decades, if not centuries, of tradition” (Askin, 2013, p. 1). The espresso machine has shaped their culture whereas; Americans are used to the standard drip coffee. Most Italians consider Americans inexperienced when it comes to their “café protocol.” Italians not only drink their coffee differently, but they also prefer a different type of coffee. The Italians prefer stronger, astringent espresso as opposed to Starbucks expensive Arabica coffee beans. According to Brizi, Italian café owner, “Starbucks is a good concept…what’s missing is the quality of the product” (Faris, 2012, para 12). Starbucks may have been able to open its doors in the traditional tea-drinking cultures such as, China and Japan. However, if they want to expand into Italy, the birthplace of the cappuccino, then they need to change their market strategy.
I think it is possible for a company to succeed when the odds are not necessarily in their favor. However, I feel Starbucks still has a long way to go before they can...

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