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Marketing Flyer Plan Essay

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Background on XYZ
XYZ Construction Inc. performs horizontal construction work including roads, airfields, and bridges. The company’s headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, and has 16 field offices located in 11 states. The workforce includes heavy and light equipment operators, civil engineers, and project managers along with an administrative staff in the headquarters facility with support staff in each of the 16 field offices. The company has 2,300 year-round employees and will surge to an average of 4,500 employees during peak construction periods. Currently, XYZ Construction Inc. is a privately owned company that began as a family business in the 1950s. Ownership has decided to go public ...view middle of the document...

In getting the word out that XYZ will become a public organization the correct media outlets should be used. One such outlet would be the internet. Trillions of people have access to the internet daily. This is a great asset in going global. “By 2011, approximately 83% of Fortune 500 companies were using some form of social media to connect with consumers. Furthermore, surveys suggest that consumers are increasingly relying on social media to learn about unfamiliar brands” (Naylor, R, Lamberton, C, & West, P. 2012).
XYZ Ethics, Legal, and Leadership
When you think about the word ethics, often times, the question of right and wrong come to mind; a kind of stewardship over something. In order for an organization to buy in to ethical behavior there must be a trickledown effect. Leadership has to buy into the concept of ethical behavior in or for the reports to buy into it. “When leadership behaviors are perceived as trustworthy through the observer’s mediating lens, trust increases and leaders are more likely to be viewed as ethical stewards who honor a higher level of duties” (Caldwell, Hayes, Long, 2010). I’ve found myself working harder for that boss that will not ask you to do more in your job capacity than they will do.
Information Management
In opening XYZ’s door to the public our management team must play an integral part in information management. Again the internet/intranet will play a big part in the flow of information. There are satellite offices in in 11 states; therefore, information needs to be at the managers fingertips.
Currently, XYZ is in a great financial position. In going public we are looking to increase our capital. This will also give options to employees to buy...

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