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Marketing Essay

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Account Executive (AE)-the liaison between an advertising agency and its clients; the nature of the account executive's job requires excellent persuasion, negotiation, and judgment skills in order to both successfully alleviate client discomfort and sell highly effective, groundbreaking ideas

account team -A group of people comprising many different facets of the advertising industry (direct marketing, public relations, graphics design, etc.) who work together under the guidance of a team leader to both interface with other members of the account team and team members of their own respective specialities

creative brief -a document that outlines and channels an essential creative idea ...view middle of the document...

Fonts like garage and novelty display being to this category

Point- a measure of the size of type in height

Pica- a measure of the width or depth of lines of type

consumer-generated content (CGC)- advertisements for products produces either in part or completely by their end users. The recent explosion of consumer-generated content is largely due to the advent of content-sharing Internet websites (like Youtube) that essentially enable anyone to post (and view) video content

Preproduction- the stage in the television production process in which the advertiser and advertising agency (or in-house agency staff) carefully work out the precise details of how the creative planning behind an ad can best be brought to life with the opportunities offered by television

production stage/shoot- the point at which the storyboard and script for a television ad come to life and are filmed

above-the-line promotion- traditional measured media advertising: any message broadcast to the public through conventional means such as television, the Internet, radio, and magazines

measured media- media that are closely measured to determined advertising costs and effectiveness: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and outdoor media

below-the-line promotion- a promotional effort that includes in-store promotions, coupons, dealer discounts, and product placement

unmeasured media- media less formally measured for advertising costs and effectiveness (as compared to the measured media): direct mail, catalogs, special events, and other ways to reach business and household consumers

media plan- a plan specifying the media in which advertising messages will be placed to reach the desired target audience

media class- a broad category of media, such as television, radio, or newspapers

media vehicle- a particular option for placement within a media class (e.g., Newsweek is a media vehicle within the magazine media class).

media mix- the blend of different media that will be used to effectively reach the target audience

Big Data- term used to refer to massive data that have become available through social media. These include email surveillance and analysis, frames per second (fps) tracking, and capturing every single click, location, and word users of smartphones create

micro-targeting- refers to the practice of delivering customized messages down to the individual level or near the individual level

single-source tracking services- services the provide data on media exposure, sales, customer demographics, and other related information in one source

geographic scope- scope of the geographic area to be covered by advertising media

geo-targeting- the placement of ads in geographic regions where higher purchase tendencies for a brand are evident

Reach- the number of people or households in a target audience that will be exposed to a media vehicle or schedule at least one time during a given period of time. It is often...

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