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Marketing Communications Essay

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Question-1: Using two motivation theories of your choice, explain similarities and the differences between the two theories?
I will use Maslow's and Herzberg's theory of motivation. There are following similarities and differences between these models.
In a broad sense there are some similarities between Herzberg’s two-factor theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of need theory which are as under:
(i) Both Herzberg and Maslow lay stress on the different needs of the employees. Both can be appropriately classified as content theorists.
(ii)In an advanced society, the lower level needs like food and shelter as pointed out by Maslow are all satisfied. As such they cease to ...view middle of the document...

But all the needs according to Maslow are motivators, depending on the mental level, in which an individual is placed.
(ii) Another difference is that Maslow formulated his theory out of his insight, individual thinking and experience as a psychiatrist, but Herzberg arrived at his findings from the responses to questions put by his team of researchers to a specified class of employees, viz., engineers and accountants.
(iii) Maslow emphasized the need of human beings for all 24hours of the day whereas; Herzberg was concerned with the needs of employees in relation to their work and work environment. So, the claim to universality is stronger in the case of Maslow’s theory than in that of Herzberg’s theory.

(iv) Again, Maslow’s theory applies to human beings in general including employees of all categories. But Herzberg’s theory concentrates on the motivation of professional people including engineers, accountants, agricultural administrators and the like, i.e., persons whose positions in an organisation are usually higher than rank and file.

Question 2: Describe the benefits to an organisation of having a motivated workforce
There are numerous benefits of having motivated employees:
Cost savings: Motivated employees will not only work faster, but they will use their creativity to recommend process improvements that can lead to millions of dollars of saving for your organization.
Increased quality: Motivated employees will produce quality products, costing you fewer resources for rework.
Reduced turn over: Turn-over doesn't only cost you money to replace the individuals, but it also slows down your organization's progress while replacements are being trained.
Speed to market: Everyone wants their product or services yesterday! Actually, the day you release your new product, people will already want a newer version! Having a motivated workforce will ensure that your product release cycle is reduced minimally.
Increased product value: With motivated employees you will have a better product or service, because the staff will feel like this is their product and will want to make sure that it provides real value to the customers. They will go the extra mile to make your product stand out of from the competition!
Contributing to a better society: Motivated employees make happy people, who in turn contribute to a better society

Question 3: Analyse the difference between hygiene factors and motivators?
Hygiene factors are the factors which should be provided to any employee and they are the primary ones in order to fulfil their needs. They are very necessary so that the employee is able to obtain the other needs in his or her being. These are the factors which can be also regarded to as those of physiological needs in Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
On the other hand, motivational factors are those factors which now follow after the hygiene also called primary need factors are fulfilled. Someone is not able to...

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