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Marketing Communication In Consumer Context Essay

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Question: Marketing communication in consumer marketing context. Discuss.
Organizations engage with a variety of audiences in order to pursue their marketing and business objectives. In addition, there are consumers – you and me – people who are free to choose among the many hundreds and thousands of product offerings. Marketing communications provides a core activity so that all interested parties can understand the intentions of others and appreciate the value of the goods and services offered.
Marketing communications is a management process through which an organization engages with its various audiences. Through understanding an audience’s communications environment, organizations seek ...view middle of the document...

In preparing marketing communications, the communicator’s first task is to identify the target audience and its characteristics. A marketing communicator starts with a clear target audience in mind. The audience may be current users or potential buyers, those who make the buying decision or those who influence it. The target audience will heavily affect the communicator’s decisions on what will be said, how it will be said, when it will be said, where it will be said, and who will say it. Next, the communicator has to determine the communication objectives and define the response sought. The marketing communicator needs to know where the target audience now stands and to what stage it needs to be moved. The target audience may be in any of six buyer-readiness stages, the stages consumers normally pass through on their way to making a purchase. These stages include awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, and purchase. Having defined the desired audience response, the communicator then turns to developing an effective message. Ideally, the message should get attention, hold interest, arouse desire, and obtain action (also known as the AIDA model). When putting the message together, the marketing communicator must decide what to say (message content) and how to say it (message structure and format).
The communicator must now select the channels of communication. There are two broad types of communication channels: personal and non-personal. In personal communication channels, two or more people communicate directly with each other. They might communicate face to face, on the phone, via mail or e-mail, or even through an Internet “chat.” Personal communication channels are effective because they allow for personal addressing and feedback. Non-personal communication channels are media that carry messages without personal contact or feedback. They include major media, atmospheres, and events. Major media include print media (newspapers, magazines, direct-mail), broadcast media (television, radio), display media (billboards, signs, posters), and online media (e-mail, company Web sites, and online social and sharing networks). In either personal or non-personal communication, the message’s impact also depends on how the target audience views the communicator. Messages delivered by highly credible sources are more persuasive. . Finally, the communicator must collect feedback by watching how much of the market becomes aware, tries the product, and is satisfied in the process. Feedback on marketing communications may suggest changes in the promotion program or in the product offer itself.
The marketing communications mix consists of a set of tools (disciplines) that can be used in various combinations and different degrees of intensity in order to communicate with a target audience. Traditionally there are five main marketing communication tools, also called marketing communications mix— consists of the specific blend of advertising,...

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