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Marketing Challenging Essay

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BPMM 6013


Marketing Challenges in the era of technological wave

Marketing has emerged as the most critical function in today's international business climate
even the smallest firms are now using innovative marketing techniques for increasing global
competition. Marketing is about identifying and meeting human needs and social services. One
of the best short definition of profitable marketing ...view middle of the document...

Apart from the
electronics sector, the world's motor show is also seen intense competition between giant global
brands which only can we see any new models in the near term is produced by the manufacturer
to meet and attract customers.
The question of the pace of this technology, what is considered to be an effective marketing
strategy to meet the challenges of this technological wave? When we mention about the
technology, it covers a wide scope to be studied in detail to ensure they remain relevant and
competitive in line with the requirements of the latest technology. Production technologies that
can be accepted by consumers will reduce the risk of marketing a product. To create

technologies, it cannot be seen solely based on research and development only. Other aspects to
be considered for completion of a technology that includes the company's financial stability,
quality control, production capacity, the use of raw materials, ability to think creatively, Demand
from the customer, system and organizational stability. The ability of a technology include
manufacturing, use, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or
organizational methods to solve problems or perform specific functions. ( Kenixkil, 2012).

The good effects of market challenges in the era of technology wave.
The effect of the rise of t echnology, on the one hand it has the advantages to customers include:

Customers will have the option of various results from the rise of this technology.
Indirectly, all sorts of product were r eleased with its own standards to meet user
requirements. Consumers will be exposed to latest technologies indirectly be a
convenience to necessity.

The Company will actively to develop a new technology never before seen from the
preceding to dominate the market as a beginner. Therefore be an advantage to
consumers with various options and new product development achievements of the
impact of technology.

Technology race will see the pace of competition in the market in terms of new
product, brand, desi gn, technology and the price of a product according to its
standards. This will be an advantage to the user to choose the same product at a price
specification desired.

The Wave of technology will affect consumers in terms of purchase influence of a
desir e to own an art product while helping to increase sales and purchase market as an
active process. Because of rapid technological change, the market will also become
faster. States can expand rapidly because of a new products can be marketed

Promotion a nd advertising will be seen to be more effective because of the desire of
consumers to find information on a product.

The disadvantage of the impact of market challenges in the era of technology wave.

The pace in the world market and the resulting influx of various brands of product
dumping. Only product s that meet a nd in accordance with customer demand alone will
have a place in the market. Thus...

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