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Marketing C212 Essay

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Marketing C212
Western Governors University

In this paper, I will propose two new services to an existing fitness center that operates on a 24/7 basis. Some of the areas evaluated will include: Feasibility, profitability, competitive advantage, media channels, pricing, customer relations, and risks regarding the new proposed services.
A-1. I have been a member of a local fitness center for almost 15 years. Everyday Fitness has several locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, where I live and work. They are part of a large franchise (n.d.) that operates in many states, as well as globally (Google, ...view middle of the document...

I have an 8-year-old daughter and balancing gym time with her proved difficult, especially when she was much younger. Everyday Fitness charges an hourly rate for childcare, which combined with monthly membership dues, can be financially challenging. When my daughter was born, we were down to one income, while I was staying at home caring for her. Since my husband and I do not have family in the area, we were not able to have help when we wanted to take time for ourselves. Having taught fitness classes over the years, the gym was my outlet to relieve stress and have uninterrupted personal time. With one income, paying for childcare to workout at the gym was not a possibility at the time. Because childcare was not included in my membership, I stopped going all together. Fitness classes and childcare have been ongoing topics with my employees and coworkers for most of my career. Many of my friends are single moms and would not consider a membership at Everyday Fitness due to the additional childcare cost. Offering this new service, Everyday fitness would not only target the single income families, but could make family memberships more appealing. My husband and I could attend together, without worrying about the additional cost for our daughter.
Currently, there are only a few fitness centers in Las Vegas that offer classes exclusively for women only. None of these centers belong to a larger franchise (n.d.) and do not operate on a 24-hour basis. In researching this topic, I had never heard of two of the fitness centers or seen them advertised. Due to minimum number of these fitness centers, which are not widely known, they do not appear to be very competitive.
Similar to the few number of fitness centers that offer women exclusive classes, free childcare is not offered in many gyms and fitness centers in Las Vegas. The few gyms that offer free childcare advertise heavily to let consumers know they have this service. Unlike Everyday Fitness, these gyms are smaller, and do not operate out of state or globally.
Blake (n.d.) details steps on determining if your product or service will be viable. In reviewing the steps, I was able to determine that classes for women and free childcare could target the same groups of people. I picked a focus group of 10 women and 10 men I work with to see what they thought of women only classes and free childcare in fitness centers today. Only a handful of them stated they held a gym membership. Those who were married or in a current relationship felt they would use the gym more if the services were added and would feel comfortable committing to a membership. The few single adults without children agreed with the rest of the group. Although free childcare service would not directly impact them, they saw the benefits and noted that if children were in their futures, that would persuade them to maintain the membership long term. They concluded that women only classes would create more...

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