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Marketing Audit Essay

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Manage Quality Customer Service

Assessment 1:

Submitted by:

Sheikh Usman Khalid


Question 1:

Explain the importance of Business Manager having a customer service policy that indicates how customer needs are identified and addressed by the business?


Business manager ensures that the customers’ needs are satisfied. Their first aim is to provide best customer service and to promote this idea throughout the organization they work for They work at various levels, from head office to the front end of the business.

• helps in developing and implementation of customer service policy for an entire organization;
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Question no 4:

What process can be implemented to ensure all staff is innolved in delivering quality customer service? What are the process that can be undertaken by a business to measure the performance of staff in ability to provide quality customer service?


To determine whether all staff is involved in delivering quality customer sevice following ways can be done

• Observe work performance of employees

• Test employees

• Analyse employee satisfaction levels through customers feedback

• Conduct regular performance evaluations

Process undertaken by a business to to measure performance of staff:

• installing sensors at an appropriate point to measure the performance
by taking measurements after some intervals
• collecting data according to the aspect of performance measured
• transmitting the data to appropriate locations for analysis
• analysing data to reveal meaningful information
• presenting the results to the decision makers in a format that displays with the required accuracy

Question 5:

What does the term ‘value adding’ means in the overall concept of quality costumer service? Explain what firm can achieve in termsof customer satisfactionand increased sales/profits?


The improvement of product and services Before offering the product to customer is known as value adding. Value added is used to refer where a firm take a product that may be considered a similar product, with few differences Any activity is value added if and if three conditions are met

1. The customers must be willing to pay

2. the activity must change the product, making it closer to the end product that the customer want

3. Activity must be done right for the first time

Customer satisfaction makes an important contribution to maximizing profitability. By increasing customer satisfaction business can increase the opportunity for repeat sales to customers. While reducing the cost of sales and marketing.  Customer satisfaction helps to increase customer loyalty, reducing the need to allocate marketing budget to acquire new customers. Satisfied customers may also recommend your products or services to other potential customers, increasing the potential for additional revenue and profit.

Question 6:

How can problems with customer service strategies be identified by a business or organization ?


Problem with customer services strategies can be identified by monitoring or through customers feed back. It help us knowing main problems occurring in organization and to improve their customer strategies according to the needs of customers.

• If a company has effective customer complaint system, the customer easily told company about problems they faced

• Some customers leaves company because they are not satisfied with their product so company has attractive employees that makes the customer satisfied

• Customer...

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