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Introduction of the MP3 industry.

It's doubtless that MP3 have change the way people listening to music. Take an example; they do not need to carry around with big and bulky expansive record collection. Instead the digital music player today has clearly replaced the CD player in a more convenient way. Today most of the MP3 player is an ideal travel pattern, be it in the MRT station, buses and even cars, they are design in such a way that you can carry and place it in your pocket.

Some researches found out that the MP3 player industry will continue to grow. It is stated in a report, sales of the MP3 player will likely to be growing at most for 2 more years. In addition, with the ...view middle of the document...

Mr Sim Wong Hoo and Mr Ng Kai Wa was the founder of Creative Technology in 1980 with a version that multimedia would revolutionize the way people communicate in the PC world. They have started off by investing a figure of SGD $6,000 to set out small outlets in shopping malls in Singapore.

Their only success only came in 1988, when Creative bought over a new version of sound card, called the Sound Blaster series. This sound card provides stereo sound to personal computer (PC). Since the launch of the product, it has been so popular to the market that has instantly hit a success and growth in sales to nearly 5.5millon in 1989. Since launching the great success with the series of sound blaster sound card, Creative continue to expand its business knowing that they cannot rely on one product, they have introduced a series of popular product such as MP 3 audio player and also sound speaker for the PC that is suitable and compatible to their sound card. They have been able to take full advantages on the audio technology, mainly due to huge user base and its strong brand name in the digital entertainment world created by Creative Technology.

Creative continue to expand its power in the PC world by offering other range of digital entertainment products to the market segment. They have a created image in consumers' mind, offering high quantities at a reasonable price to the consumers. Products such as high quality speaker and headset, creative custom made webcam, high definition graphic solution and lastly musical 37 effect keyboard. Creative innovation has leaded them to a mutli-international awards and accolades throughout the years. With a huge customer based and band names, their most recent creation of MP3 player, has won them awards such as “Best of CES” at the consumer electronic show for four consecutive years. With a range of digital entertainment products offering and multi awards won, they became the first Singapore Company to go on public to list on NASDAQ exchange in 1992 and public listing on the main board on Singapore Exchange (SGX) on 1994.

Moving forward, Creative's mission is to use their technology, research and development team to breakthrough and expand in their role in the Digital entertainment market. They will also continue to strive on improving in their products inactive user friendly, product design and features.

Current Market Situation

These days if you wish to purchase a MP3 media player, you can simply visit any of the shopping malls in Singapore. This simply applied to Creative product too. Their product can be easily found in shopping mall outlets such as Counts, Best Denki, Sim Lim square and more. If you think that getting an MP3 in the common areas are troublesome, Creative offer consumer a choice of selection via the internet with a click of the button to purchase the product.

Take an example a price of a ZEN touch 2 with GPS selling at SGD $299 and comparing to similar competitor...

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