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As a student attending Berkeley College, I am currently studying in the school of business. At Berkeley College, it is required that I take all college core classes, liberal arts electives, the general business core and business electives, and seven major courses to graduate with a Business Bachelors degree. I have chosen to major in Business Marketing because I have been on a class trip to Kraft Foods in Rye, NY, called ?Job Shadow? day, where I was able to see what it was like in a day of a market research executive. After the tour, the curiosity I once had about this particular field turned into excitement. I learned that a computer, especially the Internet, has an important role in ...view middle of the document...

The internet is defined as a collection of interrelated networks that allow users with PC?s and necessary software to communicate with each other locally and globally. As a marketing tool, the Internet, and particularly the World Wide Web, opens up tremendous possibilities to organizations of all types. Its applications in different marketing functions such as market research, advertising and branding, customer relations, and direct selling have been continuously explored and discussed. Scholarly predictions indicate that the business world is rapidly developing into the age of cyber marketing. Cyber marketing is the type of marketing that is carried out through computers and telecommunications networks. The Internet and its multimedia presentation, the Web, both provide a unique environment for cyber marketing. The core features of Internet based marketing include interactivity, multimedia usage, and on-line control (Mohammed 63).

The Internet has become an increasingly popular and useful tool for marketing. In fact, it is becoming fundamental and often necessary for communications and transactions between marketers and consumers. The Internet penetrated popular awareness in the last decade...

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