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Marketing And Promoting Essay

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My paper is going to talk about the ways marketing and promoting work together to help make a business successful.
The marketing strategies of companies focus on satisfying customers needs and wants. A campaign that Microsoft is rumored on trying for there worldwide launch of the XBOX 360 the week of Thanksgiving is a risky one to say the least. The strategy for Microsoft is to have a XBOX 360 shortage across the world so retailers will advertise “sold out” at the end of launch day. First, widespread sellouts would create the appearance that the console is so popular that retailers can’t keep it in stock. And actually, it wouldn’t be an appearance, as it would technically be true. Then the ...view middle of the document...

Although the marketability of some products is geographically sensitive , others enjoy nearly universal acceptance. (Griffin and Ebert, pg. 286) Coke does more than 70 percent of its sales in international markets. Pepsi’s sales are only about 15 percent of Coke’s internationally and they usually are not the competition. In most countries it is some kind of local soft drink. Pepsi does most of there business in the US with 78%.
Marketing your product is one thing, but without promoting it nobody would know if it even existed. Dell is a unique company that started off with one person and over the years has grown to thousands of employees. Dell still does not sell there products in retail stores, but they are one of the top selling computer companies in the world. They use advertising and promoting there products to there advantage to attract new customers. You can find Dell ads in magazines, on television, direct mail, internet, and kiosks in shopping malls. The government is also a major customer for Dell who receives millions of dollars a year from them.
Virtual advertising has been become more and more popular over the years. The technology implants brands or products into live or taped programming, giving the illusion that the implant is part of the show. When you watch sporting events now on TV you see these digital signs that change every few seconds advertising everything from video games to clothing. Movies are great for using this technology as...

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