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Marketing Analysis Of Target And Walmart

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A Marketing Analysis of Target and Wal-MartEveryone knows the names and has shopped the stores hundreds of times over. Wal-Mart has proven to be highly successful at attracting a target market consisting of value driven, lower class consumers. In contrast, Target, despite offering similar if not equal products and prices, has taken a different approach by attracting a higher, more conservative class of customers. With each department store being virtually equal in their offerings, how does each appeal to and stimulate the buying motivation of their target market?Wal-Mart is truly a business success story in America. Founded by Sam Walton in rural Arkansas, Wal-Mart has grown to become the ...view middle of the document...

A bulletin board right at the entrance states, "Save on their sale price" with numerous ads from various other stores littered throughout the board. The security scanners market the movie, "Final Destination 2" on it detracting from the security devices themselves.The consumer, after the friendly greeting, is hit with a massive bombardment of bright red, white, blue, and yellow advertisements hanging from the ceiling that appeal highly on the emotional level. Bright balloons are seen throughout the store advertising clearances and the Wal-Mart logo. Afterwards, you see the abundance of products that are on sale to the customers and the towering isles that seem to beckon to the customer, "We have everything that you need and it is probably on sale!"The logical motivations then appear in an attempt to gain confidence and customer loyalty. Three Signs are presented directly in front of the customer that state "Giving, Helping, Doing" with pictures of Wal-Mart employees assisting in various communities activities with seniors and children. Wal-mart continues to appeal logically to the customer by displaying a row of items that were on the competitor advertisements. Bottles of 'Gain with Bleach' are displayed with the Wal-mart price of $8.97 and the Shopes IGA price of $9.36 also displayed. Just above the prices are a sign that states, "Save on their Sale Price - We do the work for you. We go to the other stores to find their sale prices so that we can offer the products you buy cheaper to you."Wal-mart also utilizes televisions to market their store and their products with the use of the 'Wal-Mart TV Network'. The network displays more Wal-Mart employees at work in the community with seniors and children. This is followed by a music video from Christina Aguilera from her new CD, "Stripped", which, "could be located in the Wal-mart Electronics section." The network then displays more products for sale and another music video. This cycle repeats over and over on the network with a strong emphasis on the videos. The Wal-Mart TV Network televisions are strategically placed throughout the isles with approximately 30 throughout the store.The isles also act as a marketing tool that works to stimulate the impulsiveness of the customer. The isles are separated into two, five feet wide lanes that give off a roadway impression. The medians consisted of the products and "clearance" items that were prominently displayed with the price above it. While most store sell their products with "Sale" prices, Wal-mart advertises their products as being on "Clearance." Customers walk on the right going straight while the left walk in the opposite direction. I found that you had to walk the entire isle before it was easy to turn around.The clothing department, which is a virtual maze of clothes and apparel, is designed to keep the customer in the section as long as possible and occupies most of the store. I felt almost lost wandering through the huge selection of clothes...

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