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Marketing: A Guide To Fundalmentals Essay

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A welcome retention from the first edition is the examination question at the end of each chapter, with tips on what the examiner is looking for and how to answer the question. This is an excellent and flexible resource for both teacher and student, providing an insight into the mind of the examiner. I have often used the examination questions and tips from the first edition as useful homework activities. The question can be used without the tips, with the guidance given later and used for peer assessment or to help students develop their action plans for improvement independently. The key facts and terms at the end of the chapter enable students to develop a summary of ...view middle of the document...

There is no doubt that, used as a quick reference guide, this aspect will endear itself to the time-starved teacher, let alone the short-cut-loving student. On occasions, this area tends to be a weakness of the traditional textbook, frustrating both teacher and student. This is not the case with this publication. It also has useful end-ofsection key points. How it might be used If you are looking for a book that will, by the end of its first year, appear well-thumbed, then this is not for you. As indicated, this is an occasional reference source, probably showing little signs of wear for the three or four weeks of the academic year that it will be relevant. Value for money As a single-topic publication, this lacks the wideranging content that teachers and students alike will undoubtedly prefer. It is therefore in competition with a vast array of books that better cater for the education market. Indeed, the revision guides produced by the likes of Letts and CGP would undoubtedly be preferred by teachers and students, and they cover the whole specification at prices that are probably cheaper by 25–50%. Recommend it? Unfortunately, no. While a single book does not amount to a great...

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