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Marketing 388 Assignment 3 Company Case: Redux

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The rights to safety, the rights to be informed and the rights to consumer education: As Redux contained a drug that contained a drug that could cause PHH, a rare and deadly could lung condition that kills most of its victims within two years. Although for obese persons, the risk of death or debilitation from Redux was acceptable precisely because the risk of death or debilitation from obesity was higher. For others Redux raised the risk of death to unacceptable levels such as consumers who wanted to shed a few pounds were not protected against the marketing of Redux as they were not properly informed fully of the side effects of taking the drug. As one physician recalled that the ...view middle of the document...

Honesty and Fairness1. Being honest in serving consumers, clients, employees, suppliers, distributors, and the public;2. Not knowingly participating in conflict of interest without prior notice to all parties involved;Rights and Duties of Parties in the Marketing Exchange Process1. Products and services offered are safe and fit for their intended uses;2. Communications about offered products and services are not deceptive;3. All parties intend to discharge their obligations, financial and otherwise, in good faith; andIn the area of product development and management:1. disclosure of all substantial risks associated with product or service usage;2. identification of any product component substitution that might materially change the product or impact on the buyer's purchase decision;In the area of promotions:1. avoidance of false and misleading advertising;2. rejection of high-pressure manipulations, or misleading sales tactics;3. Avoidance of sales promotions that use deception or manipulation.We are confronted each day with a stream of images depicting and glamorizing thin women. Because the advertising in general such as glossy magazines in and the media are seemingly obsessed by the idea that thin is equivalent to beautiful, it is easy to understand why the media have been directly blamed for causing eating disorders. There is little doubt that the media is responsible for putting pressure on some women who already feel vulnerable. To support this idea, eating-disorder counselors cite the fact that women constantly say they feel inadequate because of their inability to lose weight and therefore look 'beautiful'. The desire to be beautiful has received more attention by blinding the public with images of the "beautiful people." The extent of the message the media portrays to our society is more harmful than beneficial to the average person. The images depict the common person as unattractive which causes many to alter their figure to attain the media's vision of beauty. Unfortunately, these unrealistic pictures mostly affect self-conscious people who are surrounded by images of what the media considers beautiful. Each day, people are exposed to magazines with models who appear extremely emaciated along with men and women who have a perfect, muscular physique. These Kate Moss and Arnold Schwarzenegger-like clones are not representatives of normal, everyday people, so they should not be considered images of beauty. However, many people look up to these fake role models and imitate their appearance.To ensure a smooth marketing of a diet pill and avoid errors made by Redux, I would use the follow five guidelines:1. Setting up an information hotline/toll free number to allow anyone with inquiries about the drug to ask for information or advice. This would enhance the knowledge of the drug to consumers and ensure education of the customers as they could address their concerns anytime they needed to.2. A statement on the package of the drug claiming...

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