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Marketing 203 Essay

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1. Value Proposition

We are dedicated to provide you the best service with sufficient facilities that make you feel it worth to take your time here. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel you surround in the paradise of the golf. Our commitment to the quality of our services is second to none in this industry.

2. Financial Objectives

The following is the financial plan for the Braemar country club. We anticipate a first year of fluctuating sales and expenses as we become established physically, and in the minds of our target market. The first year we will have one-time expenses in restoring the course and establishing our maintenance routines.

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00. They are residents of Los Angeles, California and its surrounding cities.

Psychographic: They want to experience the benefits and social status of being a member of a private golf club but do not have the means to do so or they do not meet the specific requirements, whatever they may be. They are professionals who's business and social networking involve playing golf but they also enjoy golf in their down time. They lead an active lifestyle or they believe they do and they are conscious of the world around them (political, social and financial).

4. Product Marketing

Our products enable our customers to experience a research of geographic targets and the marketing programs and strategies that will be implemented to capitalize on these existing revenue generating opportunities. We figure out who is playing, when, and how frequently. We make plans of outside play, membership play, group business, tournaments, partnership programs, discount golf, dining, bonus activities like tennis court, swimming pool, fitness or juniors and etc. For the avid and aspiring golfer, we offer full privileges include club benefits, golf benefits and network benefits.

5. Advertising

Our Golf course is more likely to attract the local person. So we put our promotion budget only in local newspapers, trade magazines, Flyer Seminar, local radio, billboards, direct mail, and TV ad, as we want to attract LOCAL clients mostly.

• We will advertise on "Local" portals ONLINE making sure that people always find us when they are looking for information in this area. Our website needs to clearly communicate our brand and positioning so that when we drive traffic to it -- it results in leads into our office.
• We can company with the company like Golfsmith. For example, we give all the customers who bought golf accessories in Golfsmith over $500 a gift card, which allow them to get a free high-value gift after they become our member. It sounds great. Because who buy accessories in Golfsmith over $500 dedicates that they showed glimmer of interest in playing Golf. Those people exactly are our potential customers.
• Advertising in the airplane cabin, especially in the first-class.
• Contact with the local HOUSE-AGENT . Introduce our course and then company with them. The rich people buy their house near our course and they will choose one golf course to play. We do believe that house-agent is the real first group who can touch with our potential customers easily.
• Customer contact us to schedule a site visit and we will provide them with the many benefits of hosting their golf outing at Braemar Resort and Spa.
• Being a member of golf course is a large and long-term investment. So we should emphasis on our good, reliable services when advertising. That will attract more potential customers to a certain extent.
• Make our TV ad., which will present at the sports, life channel.
• Sponsor the...

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