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Program name: Master program (one year) in Business Administration,

Marketing and Management, 60 higher education

Dept.: of Social Sciences Mid Sweden University Sundsvall
Course code: FÖ022A

Course title: Qualitative Methods

Work type: Analysis

Work name: Different quality methods research of RFID system.

Avsnittslärare: Olof Wahlberg, Wilhelm Skoglund, Richard Ahlström

Execute: student of Master program (one year) in

Business Administration,

Marketing and Management.

Name: Arseniy; Surname: Buzyan

Name: Iban; Surname: Ahmed

Sundsvall, Sweden - 2012

Key words
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Then, both the unified identity authentication and the access control modules are designed according to those analyses. The paper “RFID based model for an intelligent port” discusses the design and operation of an intelligent model of a port. The model is designed based on the challenges, experiences and operations of the port of Mombasa. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is central to the model in enabling intelligence.
Key words
RFID, quality methods, airport, port, simulation, software, intelligent port, Mombasa port, Intelligent logistics, RFID simulations, Discrete event modeling.

This articles applying the same model in different conditions, using different quality methods of analysis. And it gives a lot viewer wider picture and perspective of application of these models. Sometimes they combine different analysis methods like quality and quantitative way of research. Sometimes authors of this articles use abstract models, sometimes they analyze this system from the practical point of view. They systematically observe behavior of different subject of research, and trying to settle some problems with them. Also they trying to combine theory tested in research and emergent from data. Also methods of analysis of RFID system used computer software as well as different programs are used in RFID system itself. RFID based monitoring systems consists of physical layer, control layer and presentation layer. Physical layer includes automatic identification data capturing (e.g. RFID, barcode etc.) and middleware which filters and transfer real-time data. In order to meet the global standard, we adopt EPC ALE specification. Control layer supports to transform the raw level real-time data into information. In this layer, we embraced the concept of business process modeling (BPM) and EPCIS in order to automate various business processes for users and to share the real-time data globally. Presentation layer provides information to the users.
The same models are applied to the different subject of research to sea port, to airports EST.…. In addition they compare old and new system in quality method perspective: RFID system is getting more attention because of its distinctive capabilities compared to the traditional barcode system:
•Uniqueness: enable unique product identification; distinguish every single product by its ID.
•Timeless: reduce/eliminate time for every step of checking ID like scanning, typing etc.
•Accuracy: eliminate error of ID checking, possible to establish correct information database, especially for inventory handling like location and volume of the inventory.
•Completeness: ensure availability of relevant product information.
Purpose of this article is to show how different quality methods of research are applied to the same RFID system. And how this RFID system is acting in different models in...

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