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Market Position Essay

715 words - 3 pages

Chapter 2 Environment
* Marco-environment
* pestel analysis
Political economical social technological environmental legal

* micro-environment
* Michael portal’s five force framework
Attractiveness of the industry and sector
* Competitive rivalry
* Competitor balance
* Economic growth rate
* High fixed cost
* High exit barrier
* Low differentiation
* Threat of entry
* Expected retaliation
* Scale and experience
* Access to suppliers and buyers
* Legal and regulation
* Differentiation
* Threat of substitutes
* The price/performance ratio
* The extra-industry effect
* The power of buyer
* The concentrated ...view middle of the document...

* Threshold resource and threshold competence
* Distinctive capabilities
* Capabilities that can create competitive advantages.
Distinctive resource and distinctive competence: create value to customers and difficult for the competitors to imitate.
* VRIO analysis
* Value
Create customer value and increase revenue or decrease cost or both.
* Take advantage of the opportunity to create new product and services
* Value to the customer
* Cost
* Rarity
The capabilities are only processed by one or a few organizations.
* Inimitability
The capabilities are difficult or costly for the competitors to imitate or obtain or substitute.
* Complexity
* Causal ambiguity
* Cultural and history
* Organizational support
The organization should be suitably organized to support those capabilities. (Systems and processes)
* Organizational knowledge as a basis of competitive advantages
* The way they manage and develop organizational knowledge
* Tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge
* Diagnose the competitive advantages
* Benchmarking
Industry benchmarking
Best in class benchmarking
Do no find the underlying capabilities
Just copy not create
* Value chain and value system
Value chain is about the activities that create the product and service.
* Inbound logistics
* Operation
* Outbound logistics
* Marketing and sale
* Service (primary activities)
* Procurement
* Infrastructure
* HR management
* Technological development (support activities)
Understanding whether there is a set of activities that can provide benefits
Perform VRIO
Analysis the cost of the activities
* Value system is about the linkages and relationship that are needed to provide the product and services.
* Use of...

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