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Market Place Marketing Plan Essay

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Marketplace Marketing Plan

Marketing 5332: Executive Decisions in Marketing

Company Name: CompuStar

Game 3, Team 1
Spring 2008

Executive Personnel:
Jason Juren VP Finance
Tameisha Smith VP Advertising
Reagan Simpson VP Sales Management
Monica Greak VP Brand Design

Marketplace Marketing Plan
Marketing 5332: Executive Decisions in Marketing

I. Executive Summary -

CompuStar started the first year very optimistic that it could design a strong brand and create a powerful advertising campaign that would lead us to ...view middle of the document...

Our optimism regarding our advertising ability was somewhat off-set by a cold reality. Our initial advertisements were rated poorly for the CostCutters (63) while our Workhorse add began at a mere 55. We launched the Workhorse Euro ad with much suspense and were greeting with a mere 53. We have learned from our mistakes which were essentially leaving far too much clutter in our ads. We have launched two ads per product now. The first for each is a completely redesigned add that will be running more frequently in regional advertising (approximately19 times for CC and WH respectively) and the other two adds are straight copies of the other successful ads of our competitors. We have now planned to redo at least 3 advertisements a quarter in order to better fit our advertising schedule and content around the market information that we can collect.
We opened sales offices in New York, Chicago, Berlin,& London in year one and in year two at the end of Q5 we will be in every city with the exception of the Canadian region and LA. By the end of Q6 we will be in every city. This will allow us to use the more cost effective regional advertising across the board and reach every potential customer out there. We plan to have approximately 10 people per sales office and will reduce or increase this number as the economics of each sales office in terms of sales per employee become better understood.
Overall, CompuStar is currently in "second place" if you go by sales volume and a balanced score card, but we believe that in the second year we will violently overtake our competition. We feel that we will maintain a firm monopoly on the WorkHorse brand and that we will entrench our CostCutter brand as well. That coupled with the fact that we are about to launch a war against AgilitY by challenging them on their Innovator and Traveler brands means that we have everything to gain and stand to profit handsomely from the spoils of war. Year two will prove to be exciting, suspenseful, and most of all profitable for CompuStar.


II. History of the Firm

A. CompuStar is committed to being the world’s leader in advanced, practical, and cost-effective business solutions, by providing our customers with high-quality microcomputers and complete customer service programs.

B. Target Markets Selected to Date

1. Primary Target Market (as of EOQ4) – Workhorse

a. CompuStar WH

b. Components selected in order to meet customer needs:

|Component |Consumer Need/Want/Application (Index Score) |
|Base Components | |
|Standard Desktop Design |Multi-purpose Workstation (128), Minimum Complexity for operators (125) |
|Compact Disk (CD)...

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