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AMB240 Marketing Planning and Management

Tutorial 5: Dominic Kauter Wednesday 2pm

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Berried offers Byron Bay Chocolate Factory’s gourmet chocolate coated fruit and nut and fresh, high quality strawberries packaged in a small take-away Chinese container.

The product has altered slightly in that Berried does not offer the strawberries pre-dipped. This is a conscious decision made by the marketing team to make the product a tangible item and an ...view middle of the document...

3. Accessories Me (Stall no. 23)
Located right next to Berried’s stall, increasing competition for passing customer

Although not in the same industry or selling a similar product, Accessories ME are situated right next to Berried and depending on their stall design, atmosphere and unique set up they could distract customers from Berried’s products.
Roy Morgan Segment | Young Optimist |
Demographic | Average Age: 20Population: 78Gender: Male (19.2%)Female (80.8%)Average Income: $277 |

‘Berried’ hopes to achieve high customer need satisfaction within the segment by providing unique, consistent, interactive branding, a well-designed stall, and packaging that is both easy to carry and recyclable whilst maintaining a label associated with luxury.

“Berried will position itself as a premium-prestige sweet treat, with a fresh, healthy twist”

Berried seeks to fulfil a gap in the QUTopia market for specialised chocolate products, satisfying those who associate a sense of comfort and pleasure with chocolate; as well as offering a fresh and unique twist with strawberries.

Achieve 70% total sales projection for Market day 1. Achieve 90% of total sales projection for Market day 2. Achieve 66.7% market share by the final market day 2. |
Implement price leadership to yield a 20% profit increase of the initial net profit projection of $2985 from market day 1 to 2. Achieve over 57% profitability for both market days. |
Obtain 5% more market share than closest competitor C’est Bon Bon by close of QUTopia |
Achieve 68% customer satisfaction. |
Achieve 20% brand awareness by market day 1. Achieve 40% brand awareness by market day 2. |
*Projections have been altered slightly in accordance with low marketing activities prior to Market Day 1.

STRATEGIES | Tactics |
PRODUCT | Berried is offering a specialty product which is non-durable. To increase its leverage in the market and to meet its sales objectives, Berried offers two product lines, marketed as ‘naughty or nice.’1. Naughty: Byron Bay Dark Chocolate served with Fresh Strawberries. 2. Nice: Byron bay Milk Chocolate/Mixed fruit Chocolate served with fresh strawberries.4.1.1 Branding- Berried chose the more rustic yet energetic specialized approach as this created a more premium brand feel and would give the product a sense of specialty. This approach was chosen to highlight the ‘premium’ product berried has to offer. While their product could be placed in the less premium and exclusive position, Berried would lose the connection between the brand and the product. By Incorporating a Current trend (The rustic yet energetic specialized approach) and a unique product line (Naughty and nice) to the brand strategy, Berried will be able to catch...

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