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Market Critic Essay

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4 Types of deceptive practices

There are different levels of deceit we might encounter, ranging from simple misrepresentation to out and out bald face negotiation lies. They are all equally harmful and potentially damaging, so let's examine them in detail so we may better flush out these red herrings before they stink up the room.

1. Falsification

Your counterpart uses information that has been deliberately altered prior to the negotiation. This could be anything from misleading facts and figures, occasionally referred to as creative accounting in more dubious circles. Or, they could be false statements that has been either deliberately exaggerated or deliberately under ...view middle of the document...

They are willfully playing either the bosses or us at cross-purposes to manipulate the outcome of the negotiation.

4. Bluffing

This is also a very commonly employed tactic meant to deceive us with their actual intentions. The gist, of course, is that they threaten to do something that they actually have no intention of doing. It usually occurs in the dubious form of either a false threat or a false promise. In a sense, this gambit shares many similarities to a good old-fashioned poker bluff, while in reality, their hand may only hold a pitiful pair of deuces.


It can be difficult to catch a person in a web of deceit. Even the most experienced negotiators can get snookered from time to time. However, there are a few counter measures we can employ to catch them out. It's a method consisting of watch, listen and learn.

1. Watch

A favorite belief we all have likely heard is that a person cannot look you in the eye and lie to you at the same time. This is sometimes true, but someone who is practiced at deception learns to do exactly that very thing. Oft times though, a less skilful liar will look just slightly lower than directly in your eyes.

At any given moment when a person is about to engage in deceit, many people exhibit very subtle unconscious signs that can be indicative of their rascally intentions. Micro expressions may wash across their face like a momentary ripple of muscles, a rapid blinking or two of the eyes, or a dilation of the pupils, are all potential clues that might expose a potential deceiver.

They may fidget momentarily before or during their deceit, such as slightly shifting their positions, tugging on their ear, rubbing their chin, reveal an unconscious twitch, or fiddle with their fingers. These body movements are what an experienced poker player would refer to as a 'tell'. People can be very habitual in their 'tells', but you have to be observant and register them. Once you hook onto their 'tells', you can learn to read your counterpart like a book.

2. Listen

Voice patterns can also offer some clues about their nefarious intent. When people are engaging in deceit, the pitch of their voice tends to be slightly higher, or they might speak more slowly, and have to tendency to correct or alter their sentences. If a person hasn't taken the time to practice their deceit, such as trying it out on the spot, they may become less fluent, exhibiting a decrease in their usual eloquence and stumble slightly over their words.

3. Learn

This really is a two-fold process. First, learning means we must be well prepared beforehand. The more information you have on the other negotiator's situation such as facts, figures, financial statements, research and intelligence, the more prepared you will be to challenge any falsified statements they try to wing past you. The second stage of learning means to learn to recognize...

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