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Running head: Domestic Violence 1

Assignment #1: Domestic Violence Shelter
Sabrina Honore
ENG 115: English Composition
Maryrose Kasraie
May 5, 2014

Domestic Violence Shelter 1
Believing in Myself: Domestic Violence Victims

So many women are victims of domestic violence. I want to provide a shelter for these women. My reasons are women who are abused need help, they feel trapped and need a way out the situation they are in. This is where this shelter will come in place, this shelter will provide a safe place for women or men to get their life together, a place where women or men can get counseling, and a place that gives women hope.
The cost of this organization would be slim to none. Once you promote the shelter a lot of people donate to abusive shelters. I did my research and a way many shelters are funded are by donations. The cost would just be to get it ...view middle of the document...

This will make it harder for the person that was abusing them to find them. Next I would like to have counselors present at the shelter for the victims to come out of the abuse as positive as they can. I would want to have programs to get housing for after they leave out of the shelter. Possible relocate them to another state if needed. The government has a program that helps with housing we could get the victims to enter. I would also want an off duty around the clock cops that would volunteer their time to the shelter. Victims can only stay to a maximum of a month in the shelter. From there I would like to assist them in their out patient needs.
The special needs of the patients in this program is very critical. Some abuse patients are abused badly emotionally and physically. An on call doctor may have to be included into the program. Some of the men and women need counseling from harming themselves. A lot of the special needs of the victims are financial assistance. When in a domestic violence situation the one doing the abuse likes to have control of everything leaving the victim totally dependent on them. So once the victim leaves they will need help getting fully back on their feet.
What the victims will benefit from this program will change their life completely. This program will help the victim get out of a abuse situation and get them fully back on their feet. This program will give them another chance at life. Show them that there is hope out there. Being that I was once involved in an abuse situation I felt I would never get out of it. I got to the point where I felt like I deserved it. I want to show men and women you deserve better. If someone has to put their hands on you they do not love you, and you do not need to be there. This program will give a lot of women and men an outlet. I want this program to help them get their life together. Most importantly this program will most importantly benefit a lot of families from losing a loved one.
I did a lot of research and after the victim leaves the situation the one abusing them still want to have control find them and kill them. This program will get them out that situation and save their life

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