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Many People Believe That Living In America Is A Right,

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Many people believe that living in America is a right, whether or not they are legal citizens. There have been many misconceptions about immigration, both legal and illegal. Some argue that almost everyone should be legalized because America has so much room and such a large workforce. Illegal immigrants are entering our country every day in masses. They are taking up our workforce, not paying taxes, and using our taxes to pay for their children to be educated in the public school system. The first misconception that I'm going to address is America has enough room to take all of these immigrants. It is true that America does have open spaces, but that is not where these immigrants are going to settle. Most likely they are going to settle in the already ...view middle of the document...

Being paid "under the table" basically means that taxes don't get taken out of the check. The taxes don't get taken out because most of these people doing these jobs are living here illegally, so if they did pay taxes the government would know of them, thus deport them. So in the long run this is hurting all American by hurting the economy. In addition to the above misapprehension, while they are not paying taxes our taxes are going towards educating their children and families. Undocumented children already have citizenship in another country that is responsible for their education. California schools have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding who gets to go to school. This policy is a powerful magnet that attracts illegal immigrants to California. The costs are enormous.The last delusion is that since these illegal immigrants are unknown by the government they do not effect politics. Though that theory is very logical, you would think that since they don't vote they would have no outcome on the politics, it is oh so very wrong. Many illegal immigrants fraudulently vote anyway and there is strong evidence that illegal voters have upset some elections. Since the number of representatives in congress is fixed, any increase in population in California, for example, due to illegal immigration will require more representation for that group while taking away representation from legal citizens in other states. Seeing from the evidence presented above, one can thoroughly conclude that illegal immigration is hurting our country abundantly. Since the 9-11 incident immigration has been monitored much closer and the boarders have had military personnel on them trying to lower if not stop illegal immigration. Hopefully the government will realize that these actions need to stay enforced.

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