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Manufacturing Beauty Essay

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Cindy Jackson
Cindy Jackson holds the world record for most cosmetic procedures; she has been “nipped, tucked, and sliced open” over 50 times since her first procedure in 1988 (Rachel, 2012). A quote by The Times asserting, “No one knows more about cosmetic enhancement and anti-ageing than Cindy Jackson. She is living proof of her unique expertise” headlines her self-titled website. While Jackson’s website flaunts her many cosmetic successes, it also lists her as a member of Mensa, The High IQ Society since 1977. Additionally, visitors to the site learn that Jackson, who received her first Barbie Doll at the age of six, led a sheltered life and felt like a misfit. The Barbie Doll ...view middle of the document...

Jackson’s flawed sense of self is also a result of the roles she enacted, and the social identities she formed. Most significantly, her imperfect sense of self is the result of surrounding culture.
According to the Myers text, self-concept is one’s answers to the question, “Who am I?” Certainly, the responses will vary according to social roles and personality traits. Social roles associate external or objective aspects of who we are and personality traits link internal or affective aspects of who we are. Jackson’s beliefs that attractive individuals got preferential treatment undoubtedly diminished her self-concept, leading her on a journey in search of perfect beauty. The definition of self-esteem is a person’s overall sense of worth (Myers, 2010). Contributors to low self-esteem include loneliness, depression, social anxiety, and alienation; Jackson’s isolated upbringing directly relates to alienation. Self-presentation, according to Myers, refers to “wanting to present a desired image both to an external audience (other people) and to an internal audience” (Myers, 2010). Jackson’s website clearly illustrates her desire to create favorable impressions. Conclusively, Jackson’s claim of redefining the meaning of aging and her belief that because nature “messes with her, there is nothing wrong with messing with nature” indicates that she has an over-powering self-fulfilling prophecy, the belief that leads to its own fulfillment (Myers, 2010).
Physical Attractiveness Stereotype
The physical-attractive stereotype assumes that physically attractive people have other socially desirable traits. It suggests that beautiful people are happier, outgoing, and successful. As previously suggested, the interpersonal attraction stereotype serves as a self-fulfilling prophecy. This stereotype connects to conclusions about Cindy Jackson because similar to her, it assumes that all that is beautiful is also good. Not only does Jackson publicize her many successful cosmetic procedures, she publicizes her relationships with the rich and famous. Most interestingly, she compares herself to beautiful people while...

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