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Manual Vs. Electronic Scheduling Processes Essay

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Manual vs. Electronic Scheduling Processes
Everyone has different ways of working some like to work the easy way and others the hard way. A manual and electronic scheduling process has it advantage and disadvantage. Its great knowing the pro’s and con’s between manual and electric scheduling because it’s better to know then not to. There’s no different electronic and paper discovery there the same jus in two distinct ways.

Working electronically means having the ability to search, sort, and retrieve information, it saves time. Electric scheduling can keep nurses, Dr., etc. better connected with customers, patients and students. According to Linda G. Sharp (pg.2 section 1.3 Electronic documents contains attributes lacking in paper documents)
“Computers maintain information about your ...view middle of the document...

12, The Difference between Electronic and Paper
Documents) Unfortunately sometimes the system malfunction and all data could be lost and have to search for it so tart all over. There so many computer vires that could destroy files. The warmth when the system heats up it will also destroy files.

Having original documents as a backup in case the electronic have a malfunction. Deleting documents electronically is more difficult because it will still exist in hard drives but manual documents can be easily thrown away. Manual documents can have patient’s information safe and locked away, but on the web where it could be exposed because of some sort of glitch that could expose patients’ information. “February 2003, final mandatory rules were released regarding what must be done to safeguard electronic information from unauthorized disclosure” (Moss pg.46, 2. Security Rule). People’s privacy rule apply to their identification which includes: orally, on paper, or electronically. Did you know that over 50 percent of people that receives an automatic reminder of some kind of appointment will not show up to their appointment.

Overall no matter if someone manual or electric a schedule they will be scheduling something but in a different way. Electronic scheduling can consume less time than manual, on the other hand manual a schedule would take a bit longer but it will keep you information safe in case of a mixed up.

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