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Manliness Essay

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Many people think that a boy becomes a man when his facial hair starts to grow out, how much money he makes, and what he starts to wear. A man is not defined by his age or looks. Men can have all the money in the world or looks but that doesn’t necessarily make them a man. Men are not born but men are made and raised. Responsibilities, maturity, and respect for women turn a boy into a man.
Many boys grow up fast to take they can take care of their families at a early age. Because of no father figure around boys usually end up the man of the household, and start working. Therefore age never determines when you become a man or not. Many 15 years old take many responsibilities while some ...view middle of the document...

“For a gentlemen, a little grooming goes a long way”(27). Dressing up classy and appropriate defines your maturity as well. You don’t want to go out looking like you never changed your clothes before or never took care of yourself. Being untidy grabs the attention off people. Many people judge you by the looks; of course you would want to make a good first impression. People make judgments based on your appearance. You want to let them know how clean and mature looking you really are. Accepting your mistakes and taking care of an issue in a good manner is a way to test your manhood. Boys will argue about little things and say what they want at any time. Fighting over the littlest things and make the wrong decisions. This is not what a man will do. Men will take care of this the proper and calmly mannered way.
Back in the days beating or controlling your women was a way to show if you were a man or not. Even now in some parts of Asia in small towns many men believe that. Many men set a bad example for their growing generation and little boys follow these rules set by their fathers. If boys end up disrespecting any women they are never considered men. It is just a...

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