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Mandatory Over Time For Nurses Essay

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How Does Mandatory or Voluntary Overtime Affect the Quality of Patient Care?
Pam Glasper
Beaumont Hospital Wayne

How Does Mandatory or Voluntary Overtime Affect the Quality of Patient Care?
Registered Nurses (RNs) constitute an integral part of the patient care and recovery process. To many patients, nurses are the health care professionals they see most often. Additionally, patients seeking care in outpatient clinics may not be aware of the number of hours nurses work. However, short stay and long stay patients see the same nurses over many shifts. What they may not realize is how many hours RNs work in a given 24-hour period to provide continuous patient care. According to Bae ...view middle of the document...

The selection criteria for this literature review involved searching for keywords such as “working conditions” and/or “patient outcomes” or related keywords in the following search engines: CINAHL, GOOGLE search, PubMed, and OvidSP. Using this process, 11 research articles and/or literature reviews were selected for review. Four research articles were excluded from the literature review because they did not address the effects of mandatory and voluntary overtime on patient outcomes (Bae et al., 2010; Drebit et al., 2010; Nansupawat et al., 2011; Stimpel et al., 2012). The seven articles reviewed are summarized on Table 1.
Table 1 | | | | | |
| | | | | |
Characteristics of included studies | | | | |
  |   |   |   |   |   |
Author, Year | Participants Sample & Setting | Purpose | Design | Working Conditions | Findings |
Bae, S.-H., 2012a | 500 RNs from each state of West Virginia (WV) & North Carolina (NC) | Examine reasons for nursing overtime & analysis of Working Conditions. | Cross-Sectional | Analysis of unit type, work shift, number of patients cared for, census fluctuation, nurses' shortage and units, and use of float nurses. | Nursing overtime prevalent mainly voluntary in nature. Nurses work overtime to support fellow workers and own families. |
| | | | | |
Bae, S.-H., 2012b | 117 RNs from WV & 102 from NC | Compare Working Conditions of RNs in states with regulations on overtime and those without. | Cross-Sectional | Number of patients to RNs ratio, RNs shortage on units, frequency of census fluctuation. | Presence of regulation did not lead to decrease in mandatory overtime. |
| | | | | |
Bae et al., 2012 | NLRN study between August 2004 - July 2005 from 51 metro areas and 9 non-metro areas in 34 states. Sample number is 3380 respondents. | Association between overtime both mandatory and voluntary and NLRN | Longitudinal | Wages, unionization of hospitals, fringe benefits, and obligations to family members. | NLRNs working in states that regulated mandatory overtime before 2003 worked significantly fewer minutes (about 50 minutes per week). NLRNs in states with regulations worked fewer hours in states banning mandatory overtime or limiting total hours worked. |
| | | | | |
Cho et al., 2009 | 1365 RNs from 65 intensive care units in 22 hospitals in Korea. | Examine relationship between RNs staffing, RN rated quality of nursing care and job outcomes. | Cross-Sectional | Adequate RN staffing in intensive care units. | RN staffing in Korea worse than in other developed countries. RN staffing levels had no direct relationship with patient outcomes. |
| | | | | |
Frith et al., 2012 | Medication error records were collected from 24 medical surgical units in 8 hospitals. | Examine relationship between nurse staffing and the occurrence of medication errors in medical surgical units | Retrospective correlational study | Use of LPNs to administer...

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